Foodtruck Roundup

Take the passion of a chef. Add an extra dash of ingenuity. Incorporate carefully sourced high-quality ingredients. Stir together in a tight space. Then take it all out on the road. The result? Food truck fare that surprises and delights our taste buds.

Stylish Food

Trina Kahl gives a behind-the-scenes view of the art of food styling.


Sisters Olga and Carolina Belmonte have a 12-year age gap, but the separation melts away when they get together to cook. These Leawood kitchen masters have been serving up Spanish culinary creations to their families and friends for years, and sometimes their guests have no words.  


Soccer (or football everywhere else in the world) is known as 'the beautiful game'. The finesse, the speed, the agility necessary to move the ball continuously for 90 minutes creates a ballet of athletic ability. No one knows this better than the members of Sporting KC, Kansas City's MLS team. Two of these players, defenders Matt Besler (Leawood resident) and Seth…

Letter from the Editor

Fall is synonymous with food for me.  Once the air becomes crisp and sweater weather is upon us, my crockpot starts to work in overtime and baking accelerates by a thousand.  Some of my favorite fall recipes are ones that have been passed down to me from my mother and grandmother. Food has a way … Continued

Roasted Hatch Chile Shrimp Sauté and Coconut Quinoa

Tamara Wise’s kitchen emits delicious, tantalizing, inviting aromas every hour of the day. Depending on the event or occasion, she is preparing food to serve. Whether grating garlic, sautéing shrimp, roasting peppers, drizzling salad dressing, or creating magic on a cake plate, she performs each step effortlessly. Cooking to her is almost like breathing. She is quite humble, and everyone who…

October 2018 Around Town

Now Open: Brow Bar Imagine looking in the mirror every morning and loving how your brows look before you even reach for your makeup bag! Here at BROW BAR, we believe every woman should have perfect brows. Our artist creates natural looking, beautifully architected brows that are unique to each of our clients. BROW BAR microblading can improve or create eyebrow … Continued


Most people’s first words are “Dada,” “Mommy,” “Mama” or one of the other variants of Mother and Daddy. My first word was “Nani.”

Truckin’ It In The Park

A Leawood food truck fest was held August 25th from 5-9 pm at Leawood City Park. The event featured live music by Cherry Bomb, as food trucks dished out customer favorites, and BRGR Kitchen + Bar served up adult beverages! Great weather and fun for all who participated.

Jasper’s Applecello Cake 

Chef Jasper shares his famous Applecello Cake recipe … a great fall treat using Louisburg Apple Cider, one of Kansas City’s best-known fall treats.