Welcome Home, Baby

Nurseries are undoubtedly one of the sweetest spaces to dream up. They are also such an important part of the nesting process for expecting parents. Lanie Draper and the design team at Rooted KC were thrilled when their client let them surprise them with this sweet space as they focused on other ways to prepare for their baby boy’s arrival. With almost unlimited creative freedom, their client’s only…

At Home with Becky Hillyard

Creative Becky Hillyard showcases her love of a neutral color palette, rich textures and workhorse statement pieces that will grow with her family on her lifestyle site, Cella Jane Blog. Named after her grandmother, the internationally popular blog is a place where Hillyard finds connection and shares inspiration on topics of fashion, beauty, fitness, baby, motherhood and more.

Bringing the love of the sea home

 When these homeowners decided to build their new home, they knew they wanted it to be inviting, unique and coastal.

Cold Winter Weather Blues

 Keep your skin hydrated with these DIY skin products  Audrey Kuether is a creative director, designer, DIYer, KCTV5 DIY contributor, photographer, interior stylist, and blogger. Her work has been featured on Houzz, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens, Buzzfeed, Brit+Co, Marie Claire, Disney Baby, Zillow Blog, and more.   She lives in Leawood in a fixer upper home with her…

Holiday Decor Trends

Megan Mosier is the designer behind Megan Gensky Interiors. After working for Magnolia in Waco, Texas and winning awards while working for a local builder, she decided it was finally her time to start her own design company. She stays busy during the holiday months setting up clients’ homes and offices for the holiday season. Besides holiday decorating services, she…

Home Sweet Home

Four years ago when this Leawood family was house hunting, they were originally looking for a traditional Colonial-style house, but instead found a Cape Cod style house where they pictured their daughters playing basketball in the driveway and swinging on an old-fashioned rope swing in one of the enormous trees in the backyard. Today those dreams have come to fruition…


Soccer (or football everywhere else in the world) is known as 'the beautiful game'. The finesse, the speed, the agility necessary to move the ball continuously for 90 minutes creates a ballet of athletic ability. No one knows this better than the members of Sporting KC, Kansas City's MLS team. Two of these players, defenders Matt Besler (Leawood resident) and Seth…

Out of this World

 Article and Photography  Q&A with Nest Interiors Design  Tell us a little bit about this space and what the goals were from the homeowners when starting the project.

Keeping It Real:

 Article Lisa Moyer | Photography Paul Versluis  VanBrock respects that a fine jewelry collection doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the culmination of a lifetime of celebrating life’s happiest moments.  “Not every occasion is a jewelry occasion, but when it is, we hope you will think of us,” says VanBrock associate Kristina Klug.

Reinventing Your Kitchen

 Article Natalie Fieleke  A plethora of reasons draws clients to Arlene Ladegaard for their kitchen reinventions. Some homeowners seek improved function for their kitchens, others want to freshen up the style of their home on a budget, while some clients pursue a completely new kitchen within their existing space which allows for endless possibilities.  


 BETTER HOMES & GARDENS | KANSAS CITY HOMES | LEAWOOD  Suzy Goldstein and partner Erich don’t just SELL Leawood—they live here. Standing at the helm of The Goldstein Team, their names are synonymous with setting the gold standard in the metro real estate market. They list and sell the most beautiful homes in our community, and they are revving up…

Transforming Interiors

Any home renovation takes a heaping helping of know-how coupled with ambitious inspiration to effortlessly partner form and function with express aesthetics and elegance. Arlene Ladegaard, principal designer of Design Connection Inc., helped this active family of six transform the home in which they had been living for 15 years, taking it from its late 20th-century look and beautifully ushering in…

Where Function Meets Aesthetics

What began with a desire to update a family room turned into an entire first-floor remodeling project. After Arlene Ladegaarrd, owner and principal designer of Design Connection Inc., met with the owners of this Leawood home to discuss the project, she assessed the family’s needs were not being effectively met with the current first floor plan and came up with…

Ask the Designer

Question: Homeowners are often unsure if they should move or spend money to update their current home. “Will renovating my home be worth the money,” they ask? “Will updating to today’s styles increase the value of my home enough?”

Modern Meets Gravel

When a local couple decided to move to the country, they knew they wanted to build a home that tested the limits of midwest style and design. With a desire for modern edge in their rural setting, the homeowners enlisted the help of local designer Kerri Frazier, of Studio Blue Designs, to bring their vision to life. Throughout the custom…

Interior Transformations 

As is often the case in remodeling and updating a home, this Leawood homeowner thought the kitchen was the only part of the home that needed to be addressed. However, this one area was just the beginning of a complete makeover of the kitchen and master bathroom.

From A Ho-Hum House to an Amazing Abode

When Katie and Brandon Oakes first laid eyes on their Leawood South house back in the summer of 2007, what they saw was pure untapped potential—“a diamond in the rough.” And in the ensuing years, this brave twosome transformed a ho-hum house into an absolutely amazing abode. While their family has grown, so has their home, and it’s the talk…

Creating the Happily Ever After

When a recently married area couple decided to make Old Leawood their new home, they quickly realized that building would be their best option. They enlisted Scott and Molly Koenigsdorf from Koenig Home and Design to turn their dreams into a reality.

The Splendor of Spring

Lynn Fairbanks’ passion for gardening started at an early age. She loved her grandmother’s garden and the many house plants her mother kept around their home. As an adult, Fairbanks first settled for a “postage stamp” garden at her condo and later a house with a small yard. In 2000, she moved to her current home in south Leawood, where…

The Volland Store in the Flint Hills is alive once again

It’s somehow fitting that the 103-year-old Kratzer Bros. Mercantile store that was home to Otto Kratzer and his camera is once again a community focal point that is used to display art and serve as an event space in Volland, Kan., a tiny hamlet about 8 miles southwest of Alma. Alma is about 100 miles west of Kansas City, just…

A Room That Nourishes The Mind & Soul

“The room was originally the office of the late scholar Rabbi Morris Margolies,” Newland recalls. “It was wall-to-wall books; a vast private collection of texts in eight different languages; the collection was renowned in his family and congregation. His daughter, Malka, wrote a great article about the library and the hidden gems there, such as a dinner pamphlet from an…

Area Couple Take Christmas Décor to New Heights

It’s December first and most of us are just starting to think about decorating for the holidays. But for Dave and Lori Convy, Christmas arrived weeks ago. The Convys are known for transforming their Overland Park home into a winter wonderland complete with numerous, intricately decorated trees, multiple nativity scenes and a variety of unique Christmas items collected over the…

A Home with a View

The Communities of River Ridge, located at 162nd Terrace and Kenneth Road, may just be one of the best-kept secrets in town. At one of the highest elevations in Johnson County, the expanding development boasts spectacular terrain, acres of mature trees, and some gorgeous homes.


It’s a work of art, a peaceful retreat and a homey backyard all rolled into one lovely space. Amid busy schedules and hectic lives, the Eckert family of Leawood has created a relaxing getaway right outside their own back door. The Eckerts have lived in their home for nine years and had completed many indoor projects during those years. Then…