When you love to solve problems as much as Jean-Paul Wong, providing optimal workplace solutions for clients throughout multiple industries among several locations is just another day at the office. As president and CEO of PURE Workplace Solutions, Wong is a mastermind of industry knowledge, anticipating the market curve, acquiring, rebranding, and repositioning for maximum growth.

Finding artistic expression in planters

Designing and creating planters is a method of artistic expression that has become a unique business opportunity for Julie Cruz with Adorn Planters.

Senior Star at Villa Ventura

 Article Alan Goforth | Photography Provided  The term "rest home" has become as outdated as eight-track tapes, bell-bottom pants and lava lamps. With a jam-packed social calendar, challenging workouts and meals to rival fine restaurants, who has time to rest?  "This is not your grandparents' nursing home," said Peter Crane, executive director of Senior Star at Villa Ventura in south…

ecafé Serves Up the Perfect Blend of Business and Community

Located at 10650 Roe Avenue is a most ingenious hybrid—a coffee shop and coworking center all delightfully wrapped into one. As its name implies, ecafé offers an ideal blend of social and professional opportunities for mobile and home-based workers.

A New Life For An Old Home

Arlene Ladegaard, an award-winning interior designer and her design team at Design Connection, Inc. brought this 1970s-Overland Park home up to date with an open floor plan and transitional furnishings that capitalized the existing features of the home such as large windows and the beautiful scenery of 
the backyard.

Martin City Brewery

Another project of Moore and Adams is the renovation of a church at 13440 Holmes to transform it into The Martin, a 4,000 square-foot event space. The space holds up to 250 guests and houses a complete on-site catering kitchen. For booking:


RH Leawood represents the latest iteration of the brand’s next-generation design galleries, which integrate an even greater assortment of RH collections.


“A colorful, fun take on classic” This is how Georgia Jones, lead designer for Overland Park’s locally owned and operated A&M Home Furnishings describes the aesthetic of this Mission Hills home, a downsizing operation that recently underwent both a stylistic face-lift and a kitchen remodel. Georgia collaborated with the homeowner to select fabrics and furnishings that would convey the look…

PediProz Offers More than Just Pretty Toes

Feet may be the least cared for part of the body despite the fact that they carry us through life, often stuffed into less-than-friendly shoes. With the arrival of summer, it may be time to give your tootsies some loving care.

Redcoats, That British Store

They say that you can't go home again, but for Kansas City metro expatriates, you can now bring a bit of it home to you. David Abrey, owner of Redcoats-That British Store, knows how you feel and is excited to welcome anglophiles and expats alike into his emporium of all things British. The store, located at 5309 W. 151st Street…

Dogs and Cats in Lap of Luxury at New Pet Club

We haven’t had any pets in our house for a few years now. But that changed a week before Christmas when an adorable German Shepard puppy joined the family. Now I’m focused on all things dog related and trying to remember what’s involved in caring for a four-legged friend. There have been trips to the vet, research abut the best…

Muscle Metrics Wants You to Know That Fit Is The New Thin!

Losing weight can be a bit of a challenge, and when you exercise, eat 
 right, and then stand on the scale and see numbers you did not expect to see based on your efforts, it can be very discouraging. However, does that number on the scale tell the true story with respect to your overall level of fitness? According…

Taking Wing and Soaring into the Calling of a Lifetime

Jeff Bacca had spent his career in customer service for a variety of respected companies, but life, over and over again, continued to point him in a slightly different direction. “Many years ago, I was out repairing a ceiling for a customer who’d had to cut short a trip to Florida for the winter so that she could let me…