Here, Finley 

 “Ready to go see your friends at Nativity?”  These magic words get Finley’s tail wagging before heading to school with her owner, David Kearney, principal at Nativity Parish School in Leawood. This fall will mark the second year that Finley has been a certified therapy dog for this local Catholic PK1-8 grade school.  “Finley loves her days at Nativity and…

Handmade furniture rooted in Tradition

Sam Unruh doesn’t like rules, and prefers to live a life of his own making. But when he hatched the Unruh Furniture brand out of the confines of his garage, he envisioned a product rooted in tradition.

With deep roots in the community, Granite Garage Floors treats customers like family

There is a good reason why Greg Slicker approaches each garage floor treatment as if it were for his own home. The customers he serves often are friends, neighbors or members of his community.

Fixer Upper

We moved into our 1972 Leawood fixer upper in 2015 and have spent the last few years remodeling and updating nearly every room in the house. It has character galore, which is what drew us to the house. Some unique features include a finished attic with an observatory and “secret passageway” bookshelf door, built-in Murphy beds, and more. If you’re…

Another Look at LASIK

If you’ve considered getting LASIK in the past but have talked yourself out of it because you think you’re not a candidate, or it’s too expensive, or too risky, or won’t give you long-term results, it’s time to open your eyes to the state-of-the-art technology provided at Grin Eye Care in Leawood.


 Photography Paul Versluis  Tell us a little bit about how Houndstooth got its start.  I am a third generation tailor. My grandfather owned a tailor shop in Brookside, and my father's shop was located in Overland Park. While running my father's business, I always would keep an eye on downtown real estate for what I thought was the perfect spot…

Marine Murphy

 Article Alan Goforth | Photography Provided  Losing a piece of luggage is a nuisance for most people. For Martin "Murph" Murphy of Leawood, it triggered a sequence of events that landed him in some of the fiercest battles of World War II.  "I did Marine boot camp in San Diego," says Martin, now 93. "After we graduated, trucks pulled up…


 Article Adriane Taylor | Photography Provided    "It’s not just my business; it’s my ministry." -Danielle Pacheco, co-owner

Regarding Kitchens Celebrates 20 Years

 Article Natalie Fieleke | Photography Paul Versluis  In 1998, Overland Park resident Bev Gilbert and her then-fiancé, Bruce, launched Regarding Kitchens, a full-
service design-build firm specializing in kitchens and bathrooms.   

Granite Garage Floors

Now that the long winter finally has given way to spring, many homeowners are cleaning their houses from the basement to the attic. Greg Slicker reminds them also to pay attention to a part of the home that many people overlook: the garage floor.

Dolyn Bags: Ami Beck

I started Dolyn Bags in January of 2014, after graduating from Stephens College with a bachelor's in apparel studies. I bought a large industrial machine and a bunch of scrap hides and began designing my first pieces out of my grandmother’s basement. Since my education was in apparel, there were many failed attempts at the perfect bag! I obsessed over…

Wild Whims

Ariel Thompson is a ceramic artist and jewelry designer based in Kansas City. Inspired by functional beauty, she creates timeless pieces to make any woman feel confident as her best self. Her small run jewelry line and hand-picked elements create unique styles for the modern woman building a whimsical life.

Leawood Entrepreneur Arlene Ladegaard

When you first meet Arlene Ladegaard, principal designer and owner of Design Connection Inc., if you sense an upbeat, energetic, spirited, generous, fun-loving and engaging personality, then please don’t waver from that initial conclusion. Blessed with a keen eye for design and an innate ability to understand her clients, Ladegaard presents as a winning combination of experience and passion for…


Run your hand over thin layers of leather and silk. Feel the subtle fingertip texture of intricate needlepoint patterns. Marvel at the dimensional beauty of beveled, hand-sculpted and handwoven layers of exquisitely dyed wool yarns. You are experiencing the world of Carpet Source, Kansas City’s high-end destination for carpet, wood and laminates.

Love Your Windows

Leawood has always been known for its charm and classic style, and there’s no better window covering than plantation shutters to emanate those traits. Unique for their versatility, shutters have the ability to elevate and cozy up a space at the same time. Budget Blinds of Leawood and Overland Park helped this home achieve the perfect look, from product selection…

 Owner, Stuart Wilkins, Talks About Truth, Trust and Beautiful Taste in Stunning Home Fashion

Answers by Stuart Wilkins, 
Owner of Seville Home in 
Leawood, Kansas Q: Tell us about Seville Home and what you offer.

Meet the Maker: Amina Marie Millnery

Amina Hood, designer and owner of Amina Marie Millinery, creates couture and one-of-kind headwear for clients and events around the world. Her designs have been featured in magazines, museum exhibits and on the runways.

Experiencing Craft Beer in KC

Go out and try something new

Pendergast’s Spirits Live on at Tom’s Town

Good friends don’t always make great business partners. But Steve Revare and David Epstein have broken that code. The owners of Tom’s Town, a craft distillery in the Crossroads District, grew up in Prairie Village, met in kindergarten and remained friends through high school at Shawnee Mission East and beyond. Early in their careers, they built a successful media company…

Father-Son Team Paves the Way to Retirement Dreams

Want to make someone uncomfortable? Ask them if they’re ready for retirement. Because the truth is, a great percentage of those who cross the threshold into the offices of Cy Financial aren’t prepared. Thankfully, there’s much this father-son duo can do to change all that. This one-of-a-kind team has helped countless plan for their later years, and more importantly, enjoy…

Cutting Edge Technology Now Assists in Healthy Weight Loss

You know the drill: indulge in sweet, decadent treats throughout the holidays, then declare on January 1 to lose the weight, get fit and transform your body. You also know what happens after your declaration: you diet, thinking you can lose pounds. You exercise, thinking you will lose weight faster. You deny yourself the nutrition necessary to thrive because you’re…

A Quiet 

It began as a whisper, a ripple so quiet that most brokers didn’t hear it. Richard Romey, however, was listening. This was more than a decade ago, when Romey worked at a big brokerage firm. He was troubled by both the investment recommendations he was receiving from the New York office, and the returns that clients were earning on their…

Legacy Flooring

Mike Eddings and his staff could show you thousands of tile choices if you’re so inclined. But they’d rather not do that. They’d rather listen first, so they can understand what you need and what you want your space to look like. Then they’ll show you products and photos of previous projects, and walk you through the steps necessary to…

Reflections Body Solutions

When you are a client at Reflections Body Solutions in Overland Park, you can remain confident that the services and treatments you receive are the safest and most effective on the market. Further, they are performed by a Board Certified Physician, Licensed Medical Aestheticians and Certified Laser Technicians, all who are fully trained and who undergo continuous training within their…

Training Humans to Get the Most Out of Man’s Best Friend

If your family is mulling over getting a dog, consider talking to a professional first. Deathe often counsels families to best match a specific dog and/or breed (and inherent temperament) with a family and its distinctive lifestyle.

At Last! A “Reel” Solution for Your Busy Family’s Schedule

If you have a busy household, you probably know the drill. Everyone is coming and going at different times for different reasons, and someone has to oversee the activity of everyone, especially when it comes to scheduling, coordinating and managing appointments. You have to get to the eye doctor. Your son needs to go to the orthodontist. Your leaky kitchen…


You may have seen the tall, unusual framework soaring across the skyline at I-435 and Nall. From a distance it looks like a mirage. Get closer and you can see that the structure is made of posts and netting. But still your mind asks, "What is that?"