Sounds Like Freedom

On August 6, 1945, a U.S. Navy sailor from Kansas celebrated his 19th birthday aboard the U.S.S. Chevalier. As the ship headed through Pacific waters toward Japan, the atomic bomb was dropped -- ending the war and sparing him and his crewmates from likely death.

Paella pro tips  

Chef Jonathan Justus of Black Dirt (formerly of the infamous Justus Drugstore) taught a paella cooking class at Kitchen Studio: Kansas City, the proceeds of which benefited Operation BBQ Relief. The experience was complete with wine, salad course and cheese plate for dessert while guests learned techniques to recreate his paella recipe at home.    

Porch 2 Ways

Erica Krzykowski and design assistant, Angela Wedekind are the masterminds and the creative forces behind Prairie Home Designs. With their attention to detail, eye for innovative design and limitless creativity, this duo packs a powerful punch to transform any space. Principal designer Krzykowski makes it her personal mission to make each client’s space feel beautiful and reflect their unique and personal style.

Steps of Faith

For Billy Brimblecom music has been an essential piece of his existence. It has become a melody played on a continuous loop -- giving him comfort during personal storms, opening doors that seemed perilous, and providing him with an irreplaceable tool that has helped him to live out his wildest dreams.   

LEAWOOF-Leawood’s dog oasis

 Article Ruth Baum Bigus | Photography Paul Versluis     (Editor’s note: Ruth Baum Bigus is the proud owner of Maya, a Catahoula she and her husband Larry rescued four years ago. They are frequent visitors to Leawoof.)

Dude Food

 Article Kasim Hardaway | Photography Nam Cu  My name is Kasim, pronounced like Awesome but with a K. At first introductions, I describe myself as part marketing guru, part social influencer and full on fatty with an insatiable appetite—emphasis on insatiable.  


Authentic Germanic cuisine is served at Grünauer in Kansas City, offering locals the chance to experience European fare without ever leaving the heart of America.


t.Loft is a growing community of health cafes focusing on fresh ingredients with gluten-free eats and drinks designed to nourish and power the body. t.Loft believes that food is fuel and living clean can be balanced with a healthy dose of fun and flavor.

The Decadent Movement

Imagine a warm and inviting, relaxed yet indulgent, aromatically pleasing and taste bud teasing minivacation of pure delicious euphoria. A place that is as sensory tempting as it is abundantly satisfying and as aesthetically lovely as the carefully crafted treats are delightful. A place where anybody can come and enjoy a scrumptious experience, unwind in a comfortable space, and engage…

Tavern at Mission Farms

Tavern at Mission Farms is an American-style restaurant located in Mission Farms. It features a diverse menu with an elevated twist on American classics. Great salads, sandwiches and seafood including a fresh catch of the day, as well as the hand-cut steaks, pastas and brunch dishes are all prepared fresh and tweaked in such a way that makes them unique…


In taking a brisk walk on Grand Boulevard near downtown Kansas City, it would be easy to stroll right past this inconspicuous establishment. But, by engaging in a more leisurely pace, a glance up would reveal a golden key which seems to direct the way to a vast black door with flattering accents. The air of mystery and intrigue will…


Enjoy Pure Food + Drink believes healthy living starts at the end of your fork.  Fresh from the soil and prepared for the soul to nourish the mind, body, and spirit with each bite, Enjoy believes food is more than fuel and is the best preventative healthcare.  Organic bowls, soups, sandwiches, salads, cold-pressed juices, and smoothies are all on the…

A Neighborhood Gathering Spot

Customers have been flocking to McLain’s Market since it opened its doors in early October. No doubt the 70 plus-year legacy of the beloved Waldo bakery helps draw them in, but the eatery’s warm, welcoming atmosphere and fresh menu keep people coming back.

The Urban Table

Urban Table, a Bread and Butter Concepts restaurant located in Prairie Village, has an appealing atmosphere that is a welcome backdrop for a wide variety of gatherings. It is designed to be a casual space for sophisticated tastes that serves brunch on the weekends, lunch during the week, and dinner every night. In addition, customers can expect to dine in…

Bella Patina

It’s 8:00am on a First Friday Weekend in the West Bottoms and a crowd gathers in front of a hundred year old building. What are they doing here? Why get up early on a Friday morning to drive down to this area of the city? They are committed to be the first people through three floors of vintage, antique and…

Thou Mayest

A journey of the senses, Thou Mayest is a place that will tap into every part of the soul. This coffee house is unlike any other offering a mood that will stir intelligence, promote good vibes, and provide a rich experience of complex concoctions brimful of coffee beans from the finest of crops. Nestled cozily at 419 E. 18th St.…

Good Food and Cold Brew for Those Who Rock

It started with the thought that nothing beats great music and a cold beer shared with friends. The conversation between rock stars Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS fame and some restaurateur friends quickly grew into a concept for a restaurant. In just a few years, Rock & Brew has grown to 13 locations across the country, including Overland…

Let’s Crépe!

At the heart of Town Center Plaza, tucked in the center of the development between the north and south sides, is the newly opened Let's Crepe. This will quickly become a favorite with ladies who lunch and folks who want a light but tasty treat before or after a movie or while they wait for their shopping partner to finish…

A Receipe for Success at The Mixx

For those of us who have had our eye on the stunning facelift recently given to Hawthorne Plaza (119th & Roe) we waited patiently to see which new restaurant would anchor the south corner of the development, especially after one successful eatery was relocated to make room for the new Container Store. Lucky for us, The Mixx is worth the…


So in love, in fact, that my date and I told our waitress we could have skipped the hearty portions of pork loin, pork shoulder and sliced beef that get top billing on Grünauer’s Viennese Classics menu and been blissfully happy with a deep bowl of the humble vegetable.


The restaurant is named for American financier John Pierpont “JP” Morgan. In the late 1800s, Morgan was a world-famous financier, art collector and banker whose corporate dominance helped merge companies in order to form the likes of General Electric and United Steel Corporation. His reputation as a railroad baron made him the perfect namesake for an iconic restaurant located in…

The Equestrian Lifestyle of Saddle & Sirloin Club

You can almost get to Kentucky if you drive south on Holmes Road far enough. Not literally, but it sure feels like classic Kentucky horse country when you are south of 139th Street and black four-board fencing suddenly outlines a distinctive property. The first hint of something special is the double S sign visible from the gently winding road. If…