How to Pick Art for your Home

With Megan Hoban of Prairiebrooke Arts

In a world full of mass-produced home décor and big box stores, it is your local gallery that provides the unique experience of buying something truly one of a kind for the home.

Buy art that brings you joy. Whether from the color, style, texture, subject, or the memory that surrounds its purchase, art should make you happy. It may sound simple, but it holds true. Art should bring contentment to your life and to your home.

When beginning a design project, include art in the plan and budget. Art shouldn’t be an afterthought! If you start with art, you’ll provide a catalyst for color and style and truly make your space special.

Don’t forget the frame. Beautiful framing is the jewelry on a piece of art. Well-designed custom framing makes your art complete. Want to keep it simple? The addition of a float frame to a canvas is the perfect touch for a clean and sophisticated look. Always ask for conservation materials to ensure your art is protected to stand the test of time. Your locally owned frame shop is a great resource.

Get out and enjoy the experience of buying art. Visit local galleries in your neighborhood, and make a point to visit galleries during your travels. Think of art as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. Write a note on the back with the date, so  that the memory surrounding its purchase will live on for years to come.

If you see a piece you love, buy it! It may not be there when you go back.

Megan Hoban is the owner of Prairiebrooke Arts in Downtown Overland Park and has made her career as an art consultant for residential and corporate clients throughout the greater Kansas City area.