I love a good home project. There is something invigorating about freshening up a room with new paint or bringing in a splash of color with throw pillows or updating a room with a total transformation.  I am a DIY’er by nature and always have something I am working on, but my latest project has hands-down been one of my favorites to date. My sister and I had the privilege of turning an office space into to a baby’s room for someone who is very close to us.  What made this project so special is that this couple has been waiting to adopt a baby for quite some time, and they were unexpectedly selected as parents just a few short weeks prior to the birth.  With so much to do in such a short amount of time, they didn’t have time to decorate a nursery, so we stepped in and surprised them with one upon their return from their hospital stay.

So much love was poured into every detail of this room. Not only did we want the room to be functional and reflect this couple’s style and taste, we wanted it to be a space that they could enjoy rocking their new baby girl to sleep in and could be a retreat to soak in sweet moments with her. There were so many emotions as we prepared this room for their homecoming: We felt so much joy for this couple as we knew that this was the longing of their hearts and equal excitement for this baby as she was hitting the jackpot. There is a vulnerability to adoption until it becomes final, and at the same time grief for the birth mom as I know this selfless and brave decision is a hard one, too.  I am confident this open adoption will be a blessing to all involved.

As I simultaneously worked on this month’s home and design issue, I reflected on how the memories made within our home are what matters, regardless if that space has the latest trends or if it hasn’t been updated for years.  While it is so fun to look at beautiful spaces and dream about home renovations, we all know that it is the love we share and feel in our home that matters the most.

This month is all about home and design, and several local families opened up their beautiful homes for us to take a peek inside to share with you.  I know they have me inspired, and I hope you enjoy  their lovely interiors, too.