World-Class Healthcare with a Catholic Heart

When St. Joseph Medical Center sold in 2015 to Prime Healthcare, it was not the easiest of times. Misconceptions abounded regarding its financial future and whether its Catholic heritage that existed for well over a century would be abandoned. Fast-forward three years, and St. Joseph Medical Center is not only winning awards for its world-class commitment to high-quality healthcare, it is also deepening its spiritual mission and strengthening its compassionate outreach.


“We are moving forward and laser-focused on growth, quality care, and our community,” says Jodi Fincher, chief executive officer at St. Joseph Medical Center. “I am incredibly thankful for the support that St. Joseph Medical Center has received from Leawood, the Chambers of Commerce, and the overall community.”


Fincher says that in the past three years, more than $30 million has been invested in capital improvements at St. Joseph Medical Center, including the most recent opening of the 22-bed Senior Behavioral Health Center, the purchase of the NAVIO Orthopedic Robot for joint replacements, as well as new and emerging state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and protocols.


“Our goal to provide `World Class’ service is a goal our entire team takes seriously,” Fincher says. “Saving lives is more than our business — it is our calling and passion. When you come to St. Joseph Medical Center you will get a feeling of family and receive world-class care. We are equipped with a highly skilled physician base, nursing staff, support services, spiritual care department, volunteers, and in conjunction with our Catholic identity, we treat the body, mind, and spirit.”


Fincher says that St. Joseph Medical Center seeks to deliver compassionate healthcare and continues its commitment to justice and charity.


“We provided over $6 million in charity care and over $21 million in uninsured discounts in 2017 alone,” Fincher says. “At the heart of our Catholic identity is a belief in God’s love and Jesus’ healing ministry. I appreciate the relationship we have with the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr., and the Sisters of St. Joseph-Carondelet. They are truly wonderful relationships and have helped guide our mission to improve healthcare in our community.”


During Fincher’s tenure, St. Joseph Medical Center has received significant accolades that include Leapfrog A Safety grade, Healthgrades Gold Plus patient safety award, accreditation of its Sleep Lab, CMS 4-star rating, and national recognition for its STEMI and Chest Pain care.


Fincher says St. Joseph Medical Center is the first and only facility in Kansas City to have purchased a surgical system called the NAVIO. This orthopedic robot uses state-of-the-art technology to equip surgeons with accuracy and precision in joint replacements, resulting in faster recoveries, reduced risk of infection and lower costs.


Another notable addition is the Senior Care program that has won two community awards – one from the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce (Impact Award) and the Grandview Chamber of Commerce (BIGG Award). St. Joseph Medical Center is the first hospital in Kansas City to launch a comprehensive Senior Care service line including a senior friendly emergency room, senior-focused inpatient program, and an outpatient senior clinic.


“I take pride in my leadership team and frontline staff who have achieved these awards and who remain resolute in our focus addressing future needs,” Fincher says.


Fincher adds that Prime Healthcare has a proud history of transforming financially distressed hospitals into thriving community assets. “St. Joseph Medical Center is a testimony of that. Our growing family of hospitals across the United States is dedicated to improving healthcare and adding value to the lives of patients, physicians, employees and communities.”


Prime Healthcare has emerged as one of the nation’s leading hospital systems, named a “15 Top Health System” by Truven with hospitals consistently among the “Top 100 Hospitals” in the country. Fincher states that Prime Healthcare’s philosophy is that all healthcare is local: “Each of our hospitals serve the unique needs of their communities while providing exceptional care with the strength and support of Prime Healthcare.”


A former nurse, Fincher says that she takes great pride in the compassionate and top-quality care St. Joseph Medical Center delivers. She especially enjoys interacting with frontline staff and patients: “It keeps me grounded on why I got into healthcare in the first place — helping others. The part I enjoy most about my position is the impact I’m able to make at all levels. Whether approving a new blanket warmer so patients are comfortable, or hiring a new physician to expand our services, it all comes down to serving our patients, employees and our community.”


Fincher says that 2019 promises several major renovation projects yet to be announced, but she hints at the forecast.


“I see several awards, accreditations and service expansions,” she says. “The future of St. Joseph Medical Center is bright and full of growth.”


Jodi Fincher RN, BSN, CCRN-K, MBA, FABC

Chief Executive Officer

St. Joseph Medical Center

1000 Carondelet Drive, Kansas City MO, 64114