Letter from the Publisher    Bring on the New Year!

So here we are: 2019. In the spirit of new beginnings, I’m grateful to introduce myself as the new owner/publisher of Leawood Lifestyle!

This past April I was chatting on the sideline of a soccer game when I learned the publication was looking for someone to take the reins. I had represented large corporations as a litigation attorney for almost 17 years, the last couple of which I had been considering retiring from the practice of law. I was tired of the adversarial nature of the litigation process. I wanted a career that would bring greater fulfillment. I wanted to celebrate and promote the good in our community. And I wanted to confront the confusion, negativity, and heartache that pervades our society with a narrative that says, “Spread joy. Give love. Chase the light.”

I am happy (and, to be frank, a little nervous) to say that day is here. I plan to use Leawood Lifestyle as a platform to celebrate and promote the good stuff. My hopes for the publication are high, maybe imprudently so, but I cannot stress enough to you, as a reader, how deeply I hope to do this thing well. I welcome your thoughts as to whether I’m succeeding. If you have something to share — a story or just a hello — please, email me. Don’t be shy!  Though I cannot guarantee that I’ll never make the wrong call, I can guarantee this: I will work to spread joy, give love and chase the light. I will listen. And I will be open.

So here’s to 2019! To rebirth, to freedom, to remembering our own power to chase and embrace the light in all of our experiences.

With gratitude,

Jane Preuss