The holidays are upon us, and as the festivities approach, all of the warm feelings and memories that I hold dear from Christmas’s past come rushing to mind. This is most definitely my favorite time of year, and for many reasons. I love the traditions and the beauty of the season and watching my kids experience the wonder of the holidays as I once did.

This time of year brings back a flood of memories of my grandmother and all she did to make this season special. Christmas was by far her favorite holiday, in which she hosted all 50 people in our family each year at her home.  Although she has since passed, the atmosphere she created and the love that she shared through all she did to make the holidays special still lives on in all of our hearts. She truly blessed all of us with lasting memories of Christmas Eve night shared with family, and all of us are carrying on many of the traditions she started with our own families.

I was given a few of her Christmas decorations after she passed, and every year when I pull them out of storage to use in my home, it evokes strong emotions of being back in her home on Christmas Eve. My favorite holiday item that I got from her is the brass electric candles that once glowed in her front windows to greet us as we came to her home. It always looked magical to me, and as I put them in my window each year, I get that familiar feeling I felt every time we pulled up to her house on Christmas Eve.  As simple as those candles are, they represent the feelings of love, contentment and holiday spirit to me.

I am grateful for the family I have to celebrate the holidays with and dearly miss the ones who have gone on. There are so many people alone during this season, and it only takes a little bit of effort to make someone feel loved or thought of during this time. Our city is a city full of people who love to give. If you don’t have a local resource or organization that you are already plugged into, look in your neighborhood for someone who spends the holidays alone. There are so many ways to bless those around us during this season.


Blessings to you this holiday season!