at BROW BAR Studio

Your next outing to the Country Club Plaza just got more relaxing with a visit to BROW BAR. This luxurious studio provides the latest technology in microblading and microshading (along with other services) in an upscale, modern, relaxing and private spa setting.

“We love making other women feel good about themselves,” says Tammy Sciara, owner and operator. “And we do more than just brows. We now offer lash extensions, lifting and tinting, plus facial waxing.”

Sciara says that with so many women juggling families and careers, the idea of semi-permanent makeup is a welcome time-saver: “We care about how we look, but we don’t necessarily have the time for beauty routines. Microblading is the answer for so many women.”

Microblading and microshading offers women a chance to “re-do” the brows they overplucked as teenagers or that have thinned over time due to aging. The 2-3 hour process uses organic, vegan pigments to create fine, individual strokes that mimic the look of real hair for a result that is extremely natural looking and lasts up to three years.

“Most people don’t feel pain at all because we use numbing agents throughout your treatment,” Sciara says. “In fact, most of our clients fall asleep! Our treatment rooms were designed with our clients’ comfort in mind: calming music, aromatherapy and a comfortable spa bed. Relax, unwind, and get great brows all in one place!”

Sciara says she opened her business after working as a project manager and account manager in healthcare IT for 13 years.

“I decided I was ready to make a change,” Sciara says. “I had just had my second child and wanted to spend more time with my boys while they were still little. Like many other mamas out there, I was finding it more and more difficult to have time to get myself ready in the morning. I was busy chasing around the little ones and was more worried whether they had eaten their breakfast and brushed their teeth than if I looked in the mirror before leaving the house.”

Then, one of her friends told her about microblading. “I will be honest.  At first, I didn’t think it was for me, but out of curiosity I Googled it and got so excited. I had to do it!”

Sciara says she was tired of constantly filling in her brows, only to have them disappear halfway through the day: “The thought of never having to color in my brows again was heavenly. The thought of them always looking good? Mind-blowing.”

Sciara says that after her treatment, she knew she wanted to make this available to women in Kansas City in a way that nobody else was offering. Together with her business partner and certified microblading artist, Nicole, BROW BAR was born.

“I wanted to do something I was passionate about,” Sciara says. “Seeing women in our studio look at their brows after Nicole is done, that makes me so happy because they are genuinely happy – even ecstatic!”

Sciara says that BROW BAR puts quality first — from education to products. “Every business decision we make is centered around providing the highest quality service to our clients. That’s what started this idea in the first place, and it’s what drives us every day.”

In addition to projected growth next year, BROW BAR plans to begin a foundation in latter 2019. “We want to assist women in abusive marriages who cannot afford divorce attorney representation,” Sciara says. “We also hope that with Nicole’s semi-permanent makeup license and experience with scar camouflaging, we can aide in the healing process of some of these women.”

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“We have so many exciting things planned for BROW BAR, and we are so grateful for the love and support we have received from our friends, family and city.”

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315 Nichols Rd. Suite 229
KC MO 64113