Letter from the Editor 4

I am frequently asked what my favorite part of my job is as the editor of the Kansas City Lifestyle magazines, and the answer is always the same. In a world where there is so much divisiveness and negativity, I have the great privilege of being a part of sharing truly remarkable stories of people in our community that serve, love and overcome adversity. There are so many people in our community that desire to give of themselves without hesitation and continually serve in various ways. The privilege of having a platform to share the beauty of the good things that people in our city are doing is something I don’t take for granted. From young teens, to busy parents, to working professionals to retired adults, I see a common thread among them all, and it is the desire to show love and compassion to those in need.


There have been countless times when I have witnessed local companies or residents answering the needs of those around us without hesitation or recognition. Most recently, we were looking for a local company to partner with us to provide the necessary but expensive footwear needed for underprivileged high school runners who couldn’t afford shoes. Not only were our needs met immediately at the very first store we approached, but also they turned down any public recognition in exchange.  This company’s selfless generosity came to my mind while working on this issue and reminded me of the great community we have.  (This was the KC Running Company in Leawood by the way. They have huge hearts, so go give them love if you visit their store.)


Our Thanksgiving issue is dedicated to gratefulness and giving back. In this issue we are sharing stories of people who give of themselves, and we also wanted to provide a selection of a few local products that give back as well. We at Lifestyle Publications are grateful for all of you, and the wonderful stories that many of you have shared with us throughout the years.   I am thankful for the beauty in the community around us. So many things go unnoticed and are not publicly recognized, and I am encouraged by all the selfless people that I have gotten to meet or hear about while working in this community.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Lifestyle!