Building a lifetime of memories

Four years ago when this Leawood family was house hunting, they were originally looking for a traditional Colonial-style house, but instead found a Cape Cod style house where they pictured their daughters playing basketball in the driveway and swinging on an old-fashioned rope swing in one of the enormous trees in the backyard. Today those dreams have come to fruition in their family-friendly, charming home near Cure’ of Ars Catholic School, where their daughters attend school. 

“The backyard is really what sold us,” they say. “We love to entertain, and with a covered deck and outdoor fireplace we have created many memories there. We turned the fireplace into gas, just to make it more accessible and easier to use more often.”

The kitchen had been updated years before they purchased the house, so the family has not had to update or make many changes except for painting. The kitchen is open to a sitting area/family room, making it easy to entertain because so many people can congregate in the large area. Since the house is older, it does not have the open floor plan that is so popular now, and the homeowners like it that way. 

 “The girls have room to do their homework while we cook dinner, but we still have space for privacy and quiet on the main floor in other areas.”

This is the third house the family has owned, and they decorate according to the house and style while at the same time making it their own. They like to take their time by carefully picking out pieces to hang or display. At this point the home is about 50 percent decorated which means they still have a lot of blank walls and ideas that will come to them over time. The homeowners are very sentimental and the things in their home reflect that.

“Our home is very traditional and classic. We both love navy, gray, and neutrals, so it was an easy fit with furniture we already owned,” they say. “We love to have surprise pops of color here and there, often reflecting the time of year.”

For instance, they like to decorate the house seasonally with nature to bring the outside in, and give the house an organic feel. Currently, they have pumpkins everywhere along with more throws and pillows around for cozy autumn nights. Their daughters like to collect leaves and dry them to bring fall inside.

“We truly just want our home to be comfortable and lived in. This is not a house where you can’t put your feet on the coffee table or never light the pretty candles. This is a home that is lived in,” they say.

The homeowners believe that a home should reflect its owners and should be curated over the years with memories strewn together throughout the home — memories they look forward to collecting and creating in the years to come.