It all begins with those three little words, “It’s a girl!” Visions of dressing a little girl can be a mother’s dream (or nightmare), and what used to be all frills and lace has now turned into a variety of options for mothers today. The styles are endless, and even infant outfits are trendy and versatile. Our mothers are often our first “stylists” responsible for our first fashion statements in our early youth. However, often the tables turn as daughters grow up and get their own sense of style becoming a great resource to their moms of what to wear and what definitely not to wear. Not only do they discover what they truly love to wear, but sometimes daughters begin to help their mothers stay on trend and can help with a closet overhaul.

Throughout the many seasons of life, dressing and shopping with our moms and daughters have probably been a mix of fun, frustration and memory-making. These local mothers and daughters share how fashion has morphed throughout their lives.

Mom — Shelly 

Daughter — Brittany

From the time Brittany was little, she has always thought of her mom, Shelly, as someone who was into fashion and shopping. Shelly taught her daughter that if you find something that makes you feel good and confident, you should rock the look. Brittany completely agrees and tries to carry that into her everyday life. This mother and daughter combo believes it is more than just fashion — it’s about being confident and feeling good about who you are. 

  “There was a time when I was really into white lipstick and glitter eye shadow. Needless to say, it was not a good look, but my mom supported me anyway. Then again, there have been a few times where she buys children’s shoes because she can fit in them seeing as she has such little feet,” Brittany explains.

A special memory between these two was the annual shopping outing for Brittany’s first day of school outfit. They even have continued this tradition as adults before their first day at a new job. 

Although their tastes vary, they both love clothes that are comfortable and that can be an everyday outfit but can still be dressed up with fun jewelry or a good shoe. “Regardless of our different taste in style, we always find good things we know the other will like and love giving each other gifts,” Shelly says.

Current Favorite Trend:

Brittany: Off the shoulder flowy tops with fitted jeans and high heels

Shelly: Black and white and a tailored look

Mom — Joann

Daughter — Nicole

Joann and Nicole rarely shop together and have vastly different styles; in fact, they may be opposites. Nicole likes high heels and showing her arms and legs, and Joann likes over the knee dresses, three-quarter sleeve tops and a good comfy flat. However, Nicole has come to realize that she has adopted some of her mother’s fashion habits as her own. 

Nicole explains, “My mom keeps a lot of her clothes for awhile, and I just realized that I do the same thing. Some pieces never go out of style and some will go away and then come back. You never know, so I learned the art of taking care of my clothes and hanging on to them from her.”

Instead of shopping trips, this duo grew up catalog shopping.

“We would receive those massive JCPenney catalogs in the mail, and I would get so excited when they arrived so that I could pick out what I liked,” Nicole remembers. “Several years ago I called a favorite clothing store of mine to see if they had some sort of catalog to send to me as a visual, and the younger-than-me woman was so confused as to what I was talking about. Old habits never die! Needless to say, they didn’t have one. I will say though, there is something about seeing someone else wearing a great outfit that encourages you to really love and pursue it.”

Joann says she recently needed to borrow a dress from Nicole’s closet and discovered that Nicole really enjoyed picking something out for her. “Maybe it’s a start to something.”

Favorite Current Trend:

Nicole:  Combat boots and two-piece sets

Joann:  (Still waiting for response)

Mom — Lisa

Daughter — Lauren

Lisa and Lauren both have a shared love of fashion and appreciate each other’s style choices. Their styles are definitely different, but they almost always love what the other is wearing. It’s the first thing they mention when they see each other and like to call it “the compliment parade.”

“My mom has always had great style, and I always loved watching her get all dressed up when I was a kid. I couldn’t wait to wear her high heels,” exclaims Lauren.

Lisa loves to share her finds with her daughter and is always looking for her approval on her wardrobe selections. “I appreciate that she will be brutally honest with her feedback. We love hitting the sales, and having my personal shopper along with me ensures a successful return on the investment,” Lisa explains.

Their shared love of a good bargain makes for fun after-shopping gloating, all in good fun of course.

“We love to play the “guess how much I spent?” game to show off who got the better deal,” Lauren says.

One of Lauren’s favorite shopping memories was when her mom got her out of school early to go shopping for her eighth grade dance dress because it made her feel so special to have that time with her mom. 

“Shopping for the wedding dress has to be my favorite memory,” says Lisa. “Shopping for prom and homecoming brings back stressful memories.  Oh, the drama!”

Favorite current trend:

Lauren:  Two-piece sets (“way easier than a romper.”)

Lisa:  Rompers

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