Keeping It Real: 2

VanBrock Helps Reflect Your Life’s Finest Moments

VanBrock respects that a fine jewelry collection doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the culmination of a lifetime of celebrating life’s happiest moments.

“Not every occasion is a jewelry occasion, but when it is, we hope you will think of us,” says VanBrock associate Kristina Klug.

After 25 years in luxury retail, which includes Tiffany’s and Ralph Lauren in New York, Kristina knows the real thing when she sees it. And she sees it in Cliff and Bonne Illig, Leawood residents who established VanBrock 11 years ago at Mission Farms.

Inspired by Bonne’s passion for jewelry and fashion, VanBrock is a premier destination for exceptional jewelry and service. VanBrock carries designers unique to Kansas City, and it has rigorous standards for diamonds and gemstones.

“So many wonderful things come from a locally owned business,” Kristina says. “It’s so enjoyable to be part of our clients’ lives by helping them create wonderful memories through jewelry.”

Kristina describes the team of five associates at VanBrock as focused on providing impeccable service and creating a wonderful experience for clients. VanBrock also has a gemologist on staff who provides clients with information on gemstone characteristics, as well as the inspiration behind designers’ one-of-a-kind creations.

The showroom at VanBrock is stunning, which Kristina describes as a “candy store for adults.” VanBrock is by appointment only, allowing clients to explore designs in an elegant, private setting.

“We make special appointments for our hair and nails, for wardrobe fittings, for the doctor or dentist,” Kristina says. “Why not make a special appointment to try on exclusive jewelry that will last forever? The experience should be all about you!”

If you are just beginning the adventure of collecting fine jewelry, Kristina suggests starting with diamond stud earrings. You can increase your collection to include a diamond bracelet, diamond pendant, diamond band and pearl strand. These are your jewelry basics, but other options include tourmaline, sapphires, rubies, aquamarine, rose gold and sterling silver to personalize your collection to your unique style.

One of Kristina’s current favorites is a long silver modern locket by Monica Rich Kosann which holds four photos and is on trend for millennials. This piece will be displayed during the Summer Celebration Trunk Show on July 19. Trunk shows are fun, casual events offered throughout the year for clients to browse selections without an appointment.

Kristina adds that the most rewarding aspect of working at VanBrock is sharing in peoples’ lives: an eager fiancé choosing an engagement ring, a woman celebrating her promotion, a grandmother’s heirloom redesigned for the new graduate, a child’s first birthstone charm. So much of life is passed on through jewelry because fine jewelry keeps retelling its story through the generations.

VanBrock also offers jewelry and watch makeovers or upgrades, appraisals, repairs and delivery.

10527 Mission Road, Leawood, Kansas, 913.341.7273,