“It’s not just my business; it’s my ministry.” -Danielle Pacheco, co-owner

A glimpse inside Danielle Pacheco’s life would reflect a loving family, beautiful home, successful business and welcoming spirit. While all these things are true there is also much more lingering below the surface: a tumultuous past, turbulent love story and an unassuming professional beginning. Every single event the Pachecos have experienced—good and bad—has paved the way for Pacheco’s Cleaning Service to become a premier, sought-after cleaning company that provides spotless comfort within an existence that is often messy. 

Danielle would agree that life can often be chaotic—unlike the homes her company leaves orderly and impeccable—and hers has had pretty significant challenges. Growing up in California, by the time she had reached her teens she had experienced trials many never witness in a lifetime. She had to navigate her way through destitution while her mother battled addiction, and, once she was 16, her own life had become one worthy of intervention. It was at this time she met her future husband, Mario, and, in the beginning, it was a volatile love story. Nontraditional in every sense, they would endure a relationship that could only survive with divine interference. They thank God for grace and live now to provide the same to their family and staff.

Pacheco’s Cleaning Service was born out of the need to provide a comfortable life for their family. For years, the couple muddled from one job to another wondering how they were to pay rent, raise their three young children, and maintain Danielle’s health as she battled a brain defect and chronic pancreatitis. Then, one day while the family was still living in California, Danielle bought a vacuum and said to her husband, “Let’s start a cleaning company.”

Within a few years, they had built a reputable company, but she still felt something was missing. She remembers crying and praying for God to bless them with answers, and in, January 2016 while visiting Kansas City for a Chiefs-Raiders game, she fell in love with the area. By March, Pacheco’s Cleaning Service was launched in the KC metro. They were again thanking God for seeing their vision.

Danielle’s guiding principle is: find a hole in your passion and fix it. She recognized a lack of quality in a luxury field and vowed to build a business that considers every detail when working with clients and do so at affordable prices. 

“We do things differently than others,” she says. “We do not quote over the phone, but build relationships by coming into the home. We use environmentally friendly, top-of-the-line cleaning supplies. We want our patrons to be wowed.”

Pacheco’s cleaning techs understand how important it is to build a home that is not only clean but also a family’s sanctuary. They believe in taking care of the customer and giving grace to their employees. They are known for their inviting spirit, and they have made it their mission to provide a place of solace within a world that is not always so forgiving. They have taken their own strife and molded it into a prosperous career and have made it their mission to provide the same opportunity for young women who may have had similar experiences. They have opened their home to three young women who have become part of their family and are now fully employed through Pacheco’s Cleaning Service, further demonstrating that God’s splendor lives through them.

The Pachecos can truly take the muckiness of life and make it beautiful.

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