Elevate Kindness Challenge 1

Positivity Wall

The winners of our final student round of Elevate came from Prairie Trail Middle School. These four girls created a Positivity Wall in their school that the entire student body could choose to participate in to create a more positive environment.


“We wanted to do something different and fun that the whole school could really participate in,” one of the students says. “Immediately, we all thought it would be fun to build a wall of positive words and phrases. By doing the Positivity Wall, we thought, this way, everyone would be able to see it and read the comments on the wall to hopefully make their day a little bit better!”


For students to participate in the wall, the four girls set boxes out around the school with a sign letting them know that they could put their kind notes inside the box. At the end of each week, they would pick up the boxes, take the notes to the wall, and staple them up for everyone to see. They also occasionally went to classes to ask if anyone would like to participate.


“Overall, our school did a very good job at adding notes to the Positivity Wall,” the student says.


Gradually the wall of kind notes got larger and larger, and the girls started to notice that students would stop in front of the wall to read what was written.


“This wall was right down the hall from the main entrance of the school,” one student says. “When people walked in, we wanted them to see this wall, read some of these notes, and to pass on the kindness that the read. These notes not only encouraged students to be kind, but it encouraged students to pass on the kindness to someone else that maybe needed it.”


We are very proud of what these girls accomplished in their school and were so excited to award them $1,000 as our final student round winner. Look for our two grand prize winners of $5,000 from our special edition teacher round highlighted in our July issue.


Thank you to our generous sponsors at Commerce Bank and Audi Shawnee Mission.