Don't Skip Leg Day 5

A lower body and ab routine that strengthens from the ground up

David Bromberg knows that half the battle is making it to the mat. As a wellness coach and team lead at Cerner and a personal trainer and fitness coach at David Bromberg Fitness, he creates customized workouts for his clients that focus on their personal goals and fit into their lifestyles. While everyone can agree that Chris Evans’ biceps may be the ideal, Bromberg meets clients where they are to become the best that they can be through online coaching and virtual (Skype and Facetime) check ins. With this workout, he focuses on everyone’s least favorite area–legs and abs. Get grounded and get strong!

Lower body and ab blast

Ab Wheel Rollout

Three Sets of five repetitions

Goblet Squat

Three sets of 10 repetitions

Reverse Lunge with Slider

Three sets of 10 repetitions per leg

Single Leg Deadlift

Three sets of 10 repetitions per leg

Lateral Squat

Three sets of of 10 repetitions per leg

Farmers walk/march

walk/march for 30 seconds

Jump rope

Start with three rounds of 30 seconds. Add one round every time you complete the work out until you have 10 rounds.


Start with the basics. Pick weights that are heavy enough to challenge your muscles while retaining good form. Available at most sporting goods stores and big box retailers (Target, Walmart).


They seem like such simple things but sliders can great increase the difficulty of any workout. These slick discs help to challenge your core as you maintain balance during other routine exercises. Available online and in stores starting at $9.99.


Think that dumbells are hard enough? Kettlebells workouts typically engage multiple muscle groups. Start with basic movements like the swing, clean and jerk, or snatch to harness the power of weight in motion. Prices start at $9.99

Ab Wheel

It’s not just infomercial fodder! The ab wheel opens a whole new world of ab exercises in the same way that the sliders do. Maintaining your height and distance from the floor puts a ‘fun’ twist on the basic plank.