Despite Tragedy, She’s Making Ripples to Change the World

Mindy Corporon had it all—a successful career as the CEO of a wealth management firm who, as a wife, mother and daughter was leading a happy life living suburban Johnson County. A former Kansas City Chiefs and University of Oklahoma cheerleader, Mindy enjoyed spending time with her family and a vast network of friends she and husband, Len Losen, had cultivated.

Then on April 13, 2014—Palm Sunday—Mindy’s world was turned upside down. A white supremacist shot and killed her 14-year-old son, Reat, and his 69-year-old grandfather, Dr. William Corporon, outside of the Jewish Community Center. The grandfather and grandson were on their way to a singing competition when the gunman—assuming they were Jewish—gunned them down. Minutes later, the shooter turned a gun on Terri LaManno outside of Village Shalom, murdering her as well. The gunman thought he killed three Jewish people when he actually murdered two Protestants, Reat and William, and a Catholic, Terri LaManno.

“He chose the wrong family,” Mindy says of the murderer. 

Determined for good to triumph over evil, Mindy felt called to bring people together. She founded the Faith Always Wins Foundation, and its seminal weeklong series of events known as SevenDays-Make a Ripple, Change the World.

“Our mission is to engage all people to discover commonalities and overcome evil with acts of kindness,” she says.

Now in its fourth year, SevenDays brings hundreds of people together to make a difference.

Mindy learned at a young age about the importance of helping others.

I am inspired to help others because I learned from my parents that to whom much is given, much is expected,” she says. “I am inspired by adults and youth alike who find creative ways to improve themselves and our community.”

Friends and family also motivate Mindy to continue with her work to change the world. 

“They are prayer warriors on my behalf and the behalf of others, and I rely on them often,” she says. “I am also inspired by my 16-year-old son, Lukas, who is achieving a life well-lived after experiencing a horrific tragedy at the age of 12. “

Working to change the world is hard work; Mindy knows it, but it does not thwart her efforts. Women play an important role motivating and inspiring Mindy and keep her going like the Energizer Bunny.

“There are so many women in my life that I look up to—my mother, aunts, cousins, friends who helped raise me, business owners and friends in the Kansas City area,” Mindy says.

Over the years, she has relied on the support of others and the importance of collaboration.

“Early in my career in wealth management, I asked a particular woman for help on a hiring question. She would not only not help me, but she was incensed that I asked for her ‘secret sauce.’ After this phone call, I was determined to share all I know with any woman who asks me,” Mindy says. “I look up to women who share their ‘secret sauce’ with others—their heart, soul, ideas, love and prayer.”

For Mindy, that “secret sauce” includes kindness and interfaith understanding that makes ripples to change the world.