Mikey’s Meals

Our newest Elevate Kindness Challenge winner, Mikey’s Meals, comes from Indian Trail Middle School. Mikey’s Meals started as just a discussion between Mikey and his mom. After noticing that several kids at his school were not able to pay for a school lunch, he wanted to do something to help. He did his research and discovered that his building needed an estimated $500 a year to cover lunches for students who don’t have the funds in their account.

“I knew we could find a way to give them that much money, so I started a fundraiser, and that is when Mikey’s Meals began,” he says.

They raised funds for not only their school but surrounding schools in need as well.

“I want all kids to have school lunch and not get embarrassed when they don’t have enough lunch money,” Mikey says about why he chose this project. “Even when the school provides that student with a substitute lunch sack, people know why. With Mikey’s Meals, those funds can be used to pay for that lunch so that nobody will know who didn’t have enough money.”

Mikey credits a teacher and his counselor for getting excited about his project and helping him win the challenge. They are just getting started—they hope to turn Mikey’s Meals into a real charitable foundation and are applying for 501(c)(3) status so that other schools around the area can take the challenge and raise money for their schools or surrounding schools in need through Mikey’s Meals.

We were impressed with how Mikey chose to use his $1,000 prize. Students can use that winning money any way they choose, and instead of keeping it, Mikey donated his winnings to the Mikey’s Meals lunch fund to help students around the city.

Indian Trail principal Sarah Guerrero says she was not surprised by the outpouring of support from students in her building that came together to help raise money for this project.

“Our students and families are very giving,” she says. “We have a very economically diverse population at Indian Trail, and all of our families give selflessly whenever a need arises, regardless of their economic situation. It is very inspiring to witness.”

You can be a Mikey’s Meals ambassador at your school! Visit @MikeysMealsKS on Facebook for more information or donate at GoFundMe.com/Mikeys-Meals-Lunch-Money-For-Kids.

Thank you to our generous sponsors at Audi Shawnee Mission and Commerce Bank.