Adding Durability, Value to Part of the Home that Often is Overlooked

Now that the long winter finally has given way to spring, many homeowners are cleaning their houses from the basement to the attic. Greg Slicker reminds them also to pay attention to a part of the home that many people overlook: the garage floor.

“The garage often accounts for 20 percent of the entire size of the house,” Greg, principal and co-owner of locally-owned Granite Garage Floors in Prairie Village, says. “Other than the roof, the garage is the area that gets the most abuse over the life of the home. It also is the entryway to the home and is visible from both the inside and the outside.”

The challenge is not so much cleaning the floor as keeping it clean from salt, sand and other debris. Granite Garage Floors offers a solution that protects the home while adding aesthetic appeal. Greg and his team apply a cutting-edge sealant that actually integrates into the concrete surface for years of protection.

Greg admits he questioned the value of sealants before he started doing his homework on newer products and methods.

“Coatings as a whole, used in industrial and commercial applications, have gotten a bad rap in residential applications because of a lack of attention to detail and quality, and a lack of focus,” he says. “By that, I mean that providers often were painters or doing something else in addition to coatings, which often were an afterthought.”

Greg, who has a background in the construction industry, saw a market opportunity for a company that focused exclusively on superior coatings and exceptional customer service. He started Granite Garage Floors nearly a decade ago and now has seven full-time employees who work throughout the metropolitan area.

“Floors take a lot of abuse from vehicular traffic, heat and stress, and most people would expect the coating to peel,” he says. “We took the industrial process and found a niche with residential locations. Our goal is to apply a product that will last for the lifetime of the home.”

A coating from Granite Garage Floors is not simply a Band-Aid to mask problems, Greg says. The first thing the crew does on older homes is assess the quality of the floor and make any needed repairs before applying the sealant.

“We don’t need a perfect garage slab on which to apply coatings,” he says. “We often work on pretty significantly deteriorated substrate situations. One thing we have done well and are proficient at in older neighborhoods is restoring concrete with permanent epoxy patches before any type of coating is applied. This saves the owner time and expense of having to come back and repair the floor. In fact, the floor has more integrity than it did even when it was first poured.”

Greg believes reliable service is just as important as a quality product in his business.

“We like to tout that we show up on time, do what we say we will do and never exceed an estimate with our final invoice,” he says. “We are invisible to our customers. We show up on time but don’t go into their home or even use their electricity.”

Austin Roeser, president of Roeser Homes in Overland Park, builds houses throughout Johnson County. Service providers must live up to his high standards before he will recommend them to his customers. He recently had Granite Garage Floors treat the floor in his own garage.

“I’d heard good things about the company,” Austin says. “They have a very reputable product that is warrantied as long as you’re in your home. It’s not your standard self-application, with a few sprinkles that most people apply, only to be dissatisfied after a few years of wear. This product and application are far superior to any residential-purchased product and looks fantastic.

“They performed exactly as promised, and the staff was on time and friendly. They are a very professional operation from sale to completion. I highly recommend them.”

Spring cleaning is as much as sign of the season as grilling and Royals baseball. Paying a little attention to a place that few people think about can add cleanliness and value for many seasons to come.