Elevate, Lifestyle Publications’ monthly 
kindness challenge in the Blue Valley and Olathe school district middle schools is intended to encourage and motivate students to find creative ways to spread positivity and kindness in their school. Students in both districts are invited on a monthly basis to come up with an idea that spreads positivity. They can create a video showing their project in action.

The latest winner in this challenge comes from Frontier Trail Middle School. This student wanted to find a way to include every single student in her building. She created individualized locker signs that she personally made and hung on every single student’s locker in the school. The signs she created each had a positive affirming message on it beginning with “You are_______.” She came up with more than 200 different positive adjectives that focused on personality rather than appearance. 

“Everyone likes to have kind words spoken to them and about them,” she says about what inspired her. “I wanted to make people feel special and unique because everyone is special and unique in their own great way.”

“It’s ideas and projects like this that make an impact in a building,” Frontier Trail Middle School Principal Dr. Rod Smith says. “When students focus on being kind to one another and building each other up so many positive things transpire.”

One of the things that made it all worth it to the winner was seeing some of the reactions of her fellow classmates.

“At first I wasn’t sure how students were going to respond,” she says. “It was great to see students smile when coming up to their locker to read their sign.

“I wasn’t sure if my project made a difference at first, but I started to notice that some of the notes that I gave to people were hanging on the inside of their locker. That made me feel good that it meant enough to them to keep it long after they were hung.” 

The project was voted on by the community as the winning project, and as a result, she was awarded $1,000 from Lifestyle Publications and the generous sponsors at Audi Shawnee Mission and Commerce Bank.

To find out more about Elevate or to vote on the next round, visit ElevateSchools.com. If you have a middle school student in the Blue Valley or Olathe School District interested in participating and have questions, email Elevate@LifestylePubs.com or contact your building principal.

Thank you to our generous sponsors at Audi Shawnee 
Mission and Commerce Bank.