Leawood duo, Lanie and Brent Draper, transform Leawood home

Tell us a little bit about how you got 
started in design and about what you do. 

It all began when my husband and I started to establish who we were in our own home by experimenting with design. It didn’t take long to realize that we had found our passion of revitalizing homes and that we wanted to share it with others. Long story short, we began to receive phone calls asking for advice and if we’d be interested in home renovations. As we became rooted in our business, we quickly expanded from two to five, bringing what we’re passionate about into the homes of others. We are now a full-service design, build and real estate firm eager to help our clients from home search to housewarming.

What are you seeing as the biggest changes coming for trends in design right now?

Mixed metals are all the hype right now! Just like the days of buying a complete bedroom set are out, so are predictable finishes. Mixing metals is a great way to add visual depth and style to any room.   

We are also excited to see richer colors like dark greens, blues, camels and charcoal pushing their way back into homes. Their warmth is grounding and adds sophistication.

How did the vision for this project take shape? What was the inspiration?

At Rooted, we want each home to tell a different story. Homes should showcase something fresh, and our love for the constantly evolving industry. The first impression of the Overbrook house was an outdated potentially modern home tucked away in a quiet Coloradolike oasis. Our inspiration came from its existing aesthetic that transformed the Overbook home into the modern cabin we sought it out to be.

Were there any challenges or 
surprises as you dug into the project? 

With any project comes challenges and surprises. During the final walk-through of the Overbrook home, we came across busted pipes and a flooded basement. The best part was realizing the stairs leading to the basement had already been ripped out, making it impossible for us to see anything further. Regardless, we purchased it, knowing it would be a great home.

What is your favorite part 
of the process?

Hands down the early design meetings are my favorite!  Collaborating as a team and bringing all of our experience together to gain new ideas is very rewarding. Watching the transformation process of the home in its current state to the plans we have on paper and lastly, the final stages of the home, doesn’t get any better.

What aspects/features are the 
homeowner’s favorite additions with this finished transformation? 

The Overbrook home was actually just listed on the market. Our staff at Rooted knows that the future homeowners will fall in love with every detail we embedded in this home—from the wide plank oak floors and Cambria countertops to the vaulted ceilings. The large kitchen and grand living areas are perfect for entertaining, while the master suite tucked in the back of the home creates an oasis of its own.

Do you have any advice for our 
readers who may want to transform 
a space in their home?

The most important thing to have prior to transforming your own space is a game plan. Don’t rush into buying things just to fill a space—that’s when it gets expensive.  Always purchase with a purpose and buy quality items that will serve your family and lifestyle long-term.

For project inquiries or available listings, 
please visit RootedKC.com

Instagram: Rooted_KC

Architect: Kara Carlson of Carlson Duncan 
Architecture and Interior Design