I love decorating and remodeling, and, as I have shared before, having a contractor as a father has definitely influenced my love of transforming spaces. He taught us all how to do it ourselves, and, to this day, my dad will come over in a heartbeat to help with a project that needs an extra hand or is out of our league. As much as I have learned about remodeling from him, one of the biggest lessons that my parents taught me in life was how to make a house a loving and inviting home. When it’s all said and done, what really matters most about my house is how people feel when inside. For my family, I want it to be a place they feel the most accepted, loved and valued; a welcoming place they want to bring their friends to, spend time in and make memories. I know for my teenage boys, the most important thing to them in the moment is that our fridge and pantry is stocked, but one day I know they will look back and value the rest.

For our home issue, we are sharing some beautiful spaces in Leawood. If you enjoy looking at interiors and gathering inspiration from what others are doing, I hope you can find something that inspires you here.