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A Fusion of Logic & Art

Shawn McCune of Kitchen Design Gallery has used his masterful skills to earn a reputation in the metro as a designer who digs deeper, scales higher and throws in a dash of genius.

As a certified kitchen designer, artist, carpenter and remodeler, Shawn solves problems with innovation. His design ability has been described as the “perfect pair of creativity and function.” Coupled with a “deep concern” for his clients’ personal needs, Shawn is an inspiration.

And it doesn’t stop with kitchens. Offices, baths, closets, bars, laundry rooms and more have won him accolades for craftsmanship and problem-solving. It’s where logic meets art. Shawn’s team of professional, insured subcontractors bring their experience to every renovation.

“We do extremely high-quality work for the people who actually live in the space, tailoring it to their needs today, and helping them realize their needs for tomorrow,” Shawn says.

When homeowners are faced with the cost comparison of whether to love it or list it, Shawn says that remodeling is often the better deal. (Some exclusions apply, such as the age and health of the homeowners.)

“I’m looking for the jar of variables,” Shawn says, “In it is the homeowners’ current tastes, evolving tastes, lifestyle, furniture, budget, children, pets, etc. My job is to take those variables and create solutions that work best for my client.”

Shawn says many homes have ergonomics that don’t make sense, whether in traffic patterns, the location of laundry systems or the landing zones.
“I’m always honest, so people don’t waste their money. I have to believe in the project and know it’s good for all because I value repeat customers … and I want to sleep at night.”

His goal is to design a project that solves problems and meets needs in a unique, artistic and creative way. But being a forward-thinking designer is often a balance between pleasing the client and leading the client. As a visionary, Shawn sometimes has to persuade clients to make a change they may not have considered. 
“It’s so gratifying when clients later say how happy they are with a suggestion I had a hard time convincing them to do,” he says. “It validates the vision.”

Clients aren’t the only ones validating. Shawn has won many national and regional awards, including a national NKBA first-place award for Universal Design and a national NKBA first-place award for his stunning Lenexa showroom. The showroom sells high-quality cabinetry and appliances and provides clients with a full spectrum of options.

Though Shawn always designs to the taste of his clien—there’s no design style he won’t take on—he finds it interesting to fuse design styles such as traditional and modern to create transitional results. 
“A lot of Kansas City homes are traditional, so I incorporate a mix: a traditional vibe with cleaner lines, warm colors or texture using contemporary features or accessories,” he says.

Last year, Shawn and his team remodeled the main floor in the home of David and Kerry Peak of Lenexa.

“We’re incredibly pleased,” Kerry says. “We’ve had many family gatherings since then in our new incredible space. Everyone feels comfortable and is in awe of the details. It’s hard to combine comfort with upscale, but we feel Shawn accomplished that in his talented and signature style.”

“My passion is to be creative, to be productive, and to please. If all these things are happening, the artist within is realized.”  – Shawn McCune, Kitchen Design Gallery


Visit the Showroom:
13406 Santa Fe Trail Drive
Lenexa, KS 66215