Celebrating Life Stories

Persaud Creative works with churches and nonprofits to build their brands. Michael Persaud, a native of Guyana, started Persaud Creative in 2011. Before that, he was instrumental in growing his church.

“Each church’s appeal is unique. We help you discover your story and build on it,” he says.

“I have a passion for local churches, and I want to help them produce a brand. That brand, along with marketing support, will help an organization reach more people and get the needed support to do the most good.”

His company starts by asking nonprofit teams the right questions, guiding the organization to discover who they are and who they want to reach.

“To create a culture, we must first define it. A brand has a personality,” Persaud says.

“I have learned that a brand or culture is a system of shared assumptions, values and beliefs that determine how people behave in an organization. It gets people from various backgrounds all on the same page,” he says. “It’s crucial to look past a logo and a name into who we are and what we believe in. A cohesive and powerful brand gives a strong and consistent first impression.”

Persaud Creative acts as a guide, helping an organization determine its audience and its one voice, which consists of both messaging and tone.

“It is important what you say, but also how you say it,” he says.

The team introduces a 12-month brand package, which includes logo design, brand guide, collateral materials and website. But Persaud Creative digs deeper, leaving the church or nonprofit with a strategy for reaching the people they want to serve. This includes a 30-second video and photography which reflects the organization’s culture and branded signage inside and outside the facility. From connect cards and screens to bulletins, social media and a strategic campaign calendar, Persaud Creative sets up any organization to succeed.

Timothy Flick, Persaud Creative media designer,  specializes in video, graphic design, websites and photography.

“My passion is telling stories through media, and we are awesome at that!” Flick says.

“What we celebrate are stories of life change,” Persaud says. 

Persaud has his own life-changing story that led him to where he is today.

“I grew up in a third-world country,” he says. “A missionary spoke to my mom before I was born, and converted her from Hindu to Christian. That introduction to Jesus changed the trajectory for our whole family. She found hope where she didn’t have any.”

Persaud’s mother made the difficult decision to leave her children and moved to Kansas City, where a local church provided a place to live while she became a student. Persaud was 3 months old, and his siblings were 6 and 8 when their mother left. They stayed in Guyana with grandparents and, after five years, the children joined their mother.

“We came with only what we had in our suitcases. The church congregation supported us with clothes, food and gifts,” he says. “We had no father, so some of the men would play football with us, take us to Royals games and the speed races. During this time, I discovered that I was creative.”

Persaud Creative helps you discover your story. The team will also help present your message by creating wonderful user experiences for visitors to your website, design clear and consistent graphics, and tell your amazing stories with video. The Persaud Creative website boldly states “You have a message the world needs to discover.” Visit PersaudCreative.com to see samples of their work, blogs, case studies and even free stuff.  

“Any way we can help, we want to add value to your organization!” Persaud says.

“A powerful story can truly clarify the message of an organization. We love that our team gets to use our gifts to grow these incredible organizations.” – Operations Manager Timothy Flick