DIY Pom Earrings 12

What You’ll Need

Colorful yarn
+ Scissors
+ Necklace chain
+ Clover Pom Pom Maker—
available on Amazon
+ Pliers
+ Jump rings
+ Earring hooks


  1. Start by creating the pompom. There are various methods, using cardboard or forks, but the Clover Pom Pom Maker makes it much easier. The maker has two half circles sections that pull out. Choose any side and start to wrap your yarn around the half circle until it is at the maximum thickness. The thicker you wrap it, the fuller and fluffier the pompom will look. Cut the end of your yarn with scissors, tuck the half circle back in and repeat on the second side.
  2. You should have two sides wrapped with separate pieces of yarn. With both sections closed, cut the wrapped yarn around the perimeter. Take a separate piece of yarn and tie a knot tightly around the center of the pompom maker. Tie four knots—two on each side of the pom to make sure it is secure.
  3. Take your pompom out of the maker. Next, trim up the ends with scissors to make it fluffy and even.
  4. Cut two identical pieces of the necklace chain about 2 inches long with scissors.
  5. With pliers, open a jump ring, and attach the earring hook and chain. Close the jump ring. Repeat for the second earring.
  6. Attach another jump ring on the other end of the chain. Leave it open, and slide it around the piece of yarn that tied the pom together. Close the jump ring and repeat on the other earring.