Letter from the Editor 3

Happy 2018! It’s the start of a new year, which, for me, always means considering what changes or goals I have for myself. I usually have several house projects on my list (which unfortunately tends to carry over sometimes from the previous year’s list), and I always have a few personal goals as well.

Sometimes when looking back on my previous year, I feel like I fell short on what I wanted to accomplish. Life happens, and occasionally the things that I thought I needed to do or wanted to have time for, just didn’t come to fruition. But, not always is that a bad thing.

Now, I’m going to be really honest and say that my fitness goal was not reached (in the slightest), but other goals that I thought I wanted for myself morphed into something entirely different. I took on different projects that ended up being a lot of work, but well worth it. I also cut some activities out that ended up being a healthy thing, regardless of it being something I enjoy. It’s okay to divert from the things we think we really should accomplish or do because sometimes we don’t know what we need.

We did something crazy as a family this winter that is not the norm for us. I have four very active kids ranging from age 8 to 15, and between my husband coaching soccer for three of my children and all of the other sports and activities that we are involved in on a regular basis, our schedule for the past several years has been packed full every day of the week year round. My oldest is going to be gone for college in 3 very short years, so time is moving quickly, and we are too busy. We did the “unthinkable” and took the entire winter off from almost everything for all four children. It feels weird. It feels good and very refreshing. Initially, it was an adjustment to not have every weekend filled with games back to back all day, because I love watching my kids play sports, and they love playing. Even so, it has been nice to enjoy each other and is just what we needed, even if it is just for a season.

Our January issue is dedicated to health living. We are sharing healthy lifestyle tips, some inspiring stories from people in our community and also what some around the city are doing to maintain health and wellness in areas of their life. Working on this issue has me inspired and ready to reset after a month full of holiday eating.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2018!