The Gift of Sight 2

Missionary Eye Care is a Cornerstone of Fairway Eye Center’s Business

Fairway Eye Center cares deeply about the visual needs of the community and those who do not have access to eye care both locally and globally. They offer a complete range of optometric care services, with missionary eye care being an integral part of their business.

The Fairway Gift of Sight Program provides those without access to eye care around the world by donating one pair of glasses for every pair purchased at all four locations in Leawood, Liberty, Raytown and Fairway. A fifth location will open next year in Overland Park.

Dr. Burt Schreiber is the optometrist serving both the Fairway and Leawood locations. He was born in Overland Park, graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas and received his undergraduate degree at Rockhurst University. He then received his doctorate from Southern College of Optometry and went on trips to Mexico and Belize to provide eye care through the Student Volunteers in Optometric Service for Humanity program.

Fairway Eye Center was founded in 2003 by Dr. Mark Bunde. Both Bunde and Schreiber have been involved in trips throughout Latin America, with their trip to Guatemala in 2012 bringing them together as partners to open the location in Leawood.

“Working together for a purpose that is greater than yourself is something that provides perspective about what is really important, and when you know you are working with someone that wants to help others, it starts to feel less like work and more like something you look forward to,” Schreiber says.

Wanting to help people who need it most—those with high sun exposure—they began their journey to countries with residents spending the majority of their time outdoors who cannot afford UV protection for their eyes. Since 2005, they have journeyed to Tampico, Ensenada, Guatemala and Belize.

“As a part of the mission of the Gift of Sight program and our partnership with the Lions Club, we have been able to provide eye exams, glasses and sunglasses for thousands of people in both our local KC community and in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala,” Schreiber says. “Revenue from frame sales provides money for trips, glasses frames and lenses depending on the need.”

Fairway Eye Center has partnerships with numerous charities and organizations, including Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired, Operation Homeless Connect, Operation Breakthrough, Leawood Lions Club, Harvesters, Homeless Connect KC and WhyJo Care.

“We are going to continue to expand our reach in Kansas City as we have found that the bigger we grow, the more people we can help through the utilization of shared resources and staff at our growing practice,” Schreiber says. “Through the partnership with the Lions Club, we are able to keep an ear open to new opportunities to bring our time and treasure to help those most in need.”

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