The Decadent Movement 3

Leawood Bakery Inspires the Senses

Imagine a warm and inviting, relaxed yet indulgent, aromatically pleasing and taste bud teasing minivacation of pure delicious euphoria. A place that is as sensory tempting as it is abundantly satisfying and as aesthetically lovely as the carefully crafted treats are delightful. A place where anybody can come and enjoy a scrumptious experience, unwind in a comfortable space, and engage in delicacies that seem to diminish the day’s worries with each bite or sip. This sweet magic exists at Decadent, located in Prairie Fire, and does not disappoint anyone seeking a pleasure-filled taste journey.

Owner Jeff Martin is a bit of a cooking engineer who has personally developed every recipe. His inspiration came from the idea that people desire high-end desserts suitable for the finale of an exquisite five-course meal, but without the wait. Martin’s passion for sugary extravagances is evident, and his goal to create a great product at a great price point has been mastered. Decadent will mark its second anniversary in November, and while the accomplishment will not be just about cupcakes and cookies, it will also include the myriad of other fine confections worthy of merriment. This made-from-scratch bakery is intended to delight, and Martin explains that his methods for creating simply come down to really good flavors elevating really good desserts, and this is exactly what patrons will encounter.  

“There is a reason behind the dessert,” he says. “You come here to indulge; we want the experience from beginning to end to be the sweetest. It is about the decadent life, the decadent experience.”

In a dessert-happy world, the thing that makes Decadent unique is the sheer volume of choices and the innovative spin each delectable luxury embraces. It is also apparent that the pairings of the desserts with coffee are designed to truly complement the sweet as a sip of the pleasant gingerbread latte perfectly couples with the richness of the palate-pleasing blueberry cheesecake.

If there is trouble to be found, it would be in choosing among a boundless array of temptations. The popular skillets combine a luscious cookie, brownie or doughnut with creamy gelato–smooth gelato that is also served in a variety of gratifying flavors; the mouthwatering waffles piled high with fresh toppings is suitable from morning to night; and the gourmet medley of crème brûlée are just a few examples of what Decadent has to offer. And to quench any coffee craving, this eatery utilizes an earthy blend of beans roasted locally to create fragrant cups of bliss.

Martin is promoting a movement that redefines what it means to embody dessert pleasure. It is one about intermingling stellar sweets, superior sips, and serene surroundings. Desserts are a universal language, a sweet exchange, and everyone should be part of the conversation. Consider this a dulcet invitation for people of all ages to come and experience the Decadent life.

“I am addicted to growing new things, new recipes,” Martin says. “Desserts have never changed, it’s what you do to them and how you make it better. The wheel is already there!”