Jet Couture 19

I am Mary Burger, and I am the designer for Jet Couture Jewels. Jewelry designing is a creative process that involves imagination and visual artistry, the product of which can tell a story, evoke an emotion or offer a glimpse into the past that words cannot express.

My designs are a mix of classic, bohemian and eclectic styles, and there are a number of factors that influence my work. I have a background in photography which continues to be a passion as well as an influence in my designs. My love of travel and being exposed to innovative, breathtaking and creative regions of the world has had a significant impact in my designs. The experience of exploring new cities, cultures and hidden alleys has allowed me to collect pieces as I go, and with that, many memories of my journeys.

From finding a cool piece of turquoise and vintage pawn silver in New Mexico to hanging out in San Francisco’s Chinatown and hunting for the unique antiques to navigating the streets of Paris, India and Italy, I am always drawing inspirational references from the sights, sounds and beauty around me.

Gemstones are a very important element in my designs. Precious or semi-precious, I am always inspired by these natural wonders with their gorgeous vibrant colors, shapes and healing properties. Most of my jewelry includes one or more gemstones, which is why finding the right color combination and texture is imperative. I love dramatic and bold jewelry, but knowing that not everybody is a fan, I also enjoy the challenge of creating a delicate but strong piece as well.

The pearl, also known as the gem of the sea, is another staple in my work. I love that pearls can now be worn formal or casual or playful and edgy. Styling a juxtaposed look brings a neat twist to any ensemble, and combining pearls with turquoise and suede is a personal favorite of mine.

Vintage jewelry is another passion, and I love to repurpose it and give it new life. I use these wonderful finds to blend a look that is fashionable and unique. I am in awe of the ’50s and ’60s era—the sophistication of the old Hollywood glitz look that is synonymous with glamour and elegance.

My pieces are created by hand with the help of metal smiths and stringers, but I am the mind behind the design. From selecting the precious metals to sourcing the stones, crystals, suede and vintage heirlooms, it is exciting to watch from the beginning all of these components merge together to spring a concept to life. I am inspired by equestrian heritage and have introduced a new line of suede with gemstones and vintage heirlooms. The earthy brown tones add a style that maintains a natural vibe and adds a touch of country cool.

I have learned as a designer that I have to take chances and sometimes I fail, but usually, I learn from those failures, and my work is enhanced in the end. My designs also allow me to give back to my friends and my community that supports me. I hope that you like them as much as I enjoyed designing them.

For more information or to view more of Mary’s work, please visit or call 816.569.6544.