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Get to know local fashion blogger, Becky Hillyard

Leawood resident Becky Hillyard is Lifestyle Publications’ newest monthly fashion contributor and the woman behind Cella Jane, a lifestyle and fashion blog which showcases her personal style on a daily basis. Thousands of followers both local and global go to Hillyard for fashion, beauty, motherhood and fitness advice; she offers inspiration to the everyday woman on the latest trends.

With a background in marketing, Hillyard used her experience managing social media and websites for several different companies to create her own blog in 2012.

“I was really passionate about making imagery, ads and beautiful websites to attract people to the businesses,” she says. “I worked from home, so I had the flexibility to explore my passion and start my blog in a part-time setting. I didn’t go to school for fashion—I had just always loved it. I knew how to brand really well, so that’s what helped me start off.”

It’s easy to see why readers of all ages can connect to Cella Jane.

“I share my life and what I’ve experienced with motherhood, my favorite health and fitness tips, and my family,” Hillyard says. “I got married, had a baby and I shared it all on my blog, so it’s not just fashion—it evolves as my life evolves. I think it’s pretty relatable for women as they grow.”

Hillyard is all about family, with support and inspiration found right at home in Kansas City with her husband, Michael, and children, Sutton and Greyson.

“My husband is my No. 1 supporter. He was the one that pushed me to get started, attend events and do certain things that were outside of my realm. He’s a huge fan and does so much work, shooting about 60 percent of our content,” she says. “As for as my children, they don’t know they support me with it, but they do because they are a part of what I share. They teach me so much in life and in motherhood, and I get to share that with my readers. Doing fashion shoots with Sutton is my favorite—we get an excuse to dress up and go on mommy-daughter dates. My parents and sisters are very supportive as well. My sisters both loved the blog so much that they’ve started their own, and we’re all supportive of each other. They’re growing and learning from me, so it’s fun working and sharing that similarity with them.”

Hillyard’s focus is on attainable style, hand selecting each and every item with the everyday woman in mind.

“My style is casual chic, more so on the casual side. I like to add unexpected things, like wearing a really nice dress with sneakers, or throwing on a leather jacket over something that’s really feminine,” Hillyard says. “I still love high-end, but with a casual cool mix. It’s not your everyday leggings and sweatshirt or jeans and a top, but it’s something different.”

Cella Jane has taken Hillyard many places. She has worked with fashion brands and labels including Nordstrom, Nike, Free People, Coach, Kendra Scott, Kate Spade and Macy’s, and has been featured in InStyle magazine, People StyleWatch and Marie Claire.

“When the opportunity presents itself, I love working with brands and going to different destinations,” she says. “I think it really opens up a lot more to my blog and my brand when I’m traveling or working with different brands.”

Blogging is a hobby for most, but for Hillyard, it’s a serious business.

“The biggest misconception about the blog is that people think it’s just taking pictures and dressing up—that’s maybe just 10 percent of what my work entails,” Hillyard explains. “A lot of it is producing, editing, creating content, emails and contracts with brands. I think people are starting to get that influencers are becoming more relevant, and it’s almost more important for influencers to share products than commercials. It’s 60-plus hours a week, but it’s my passion, so it doesn’t feel like like I’m working. When I’m having to work late nights, it’s what I enjoy, so I’m lucky to have that, and lucky to have the readers and followers that I do.”

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