Letter from the Creative Director 11

Inspire comes from the Latin word that means to “enflame” or to “breathe life into.” Doing things that inspire us energizes us and makes us feel more alive. Inspiration doesn’t always have to stem from natural talents and abilities but instead is something that motivates us and is about connecting with what we are passionate about deep within.

Music is that for me. I have been musical ever since I can remember, and it has always come very natural to me. As a little girl, I constantly made up songs and loved to go to friends houses who could teach me how to play whatever instruments they had at their house, and I would often daydream about when I could have an instrument of my own. I still remember getting my first piano, and later, as a teenager, my first guitar and spending countless hours playing. I have always played by ear over reading music, but that may have been out of necessity, as growing up in a large family didn’t lend itself to endless music lessons. Thankfully, I could hear a song and play it pretty quickly by messing around on the keys or strings for a little bit. Music has always played a huge roll in my life and has inspired and invigorated me in a way that is unique from all other interests I have ever had. It makes me feel alive.

We all have something that inspires us in a unique way. In the busy stages of our life where it’s hard to even find time to sit for 10 minutes, those things often get pushed to the side. I don’t sit down on the piano or pick up the guitar very often these days, but music is on almost constantly at my house, filling me up in a different way. I have always had a desire to learn to play the cello, and so maybe one day when my kids are older and time allows, I will accomplish that goal, but for now, I am helping my kid facilitate what inspires them.

We are featuring art, music and dance in our August issue. It was so fun to discover so many unique ways people are expressing themselves around the city. Artists and musicians reveal so much of themselves through their work that it exposes a vulnerability that is refreshing and invigorating, and I appreciate the creativity and honestly behind unveiling a part of themselves through their craft.

I hope you enjoy learning about them as well.