Children International

  • What is Children International?

Children International is a global humanitarian organization whose vision is to connect lives, creating a poverty-free world for children, where their dreams are unleashed and their hope radiates into their communities. We invest in children, respect their unique beauty and potential, and compel others to join us.

What does Children International focus on?

For the first two decades of a child’s life, we surround kids with a safe place, a caring team and a clear path out of poverty through programs focused on health, education, empowerment and employment. These programs, which are country-relevant and age-specific, give our kids the crucial life and job skills they need to break the cycle of poverty for good.

How does sponsorship work?

Child sponsorship connects two lives—a sponsor with a generous heart and a child living in poverty. When you sponsor a child, your monthly gift of $32 provides access to life-changing benefits, like access to medical care, educational support, programs to develop life skills and job training. And as a sponsor, you can see your impact firsthand through letters and photos from your child. You can even visit if you’d like!

What is your greatest need?

We are always looking for new sponsors and partners to join us in the work of transforming the lives of children in poverty. You can learn about a child in need of your support on our website at

         What impact does Children International have on the world?

Hope multiplies. We know from engaging with families in poverty for decades in our 70 community centers around the world, that once you begin to break the mindset of poverty in the life of a child, their siblings, parents and communities are lifted. By helping just one child, you can create a ripple effect that will not only impact their life, but also those in their community and future generations to come.