Floral Flourish 3


In 2014, Leslie Brett embarked on a path of floral creativity with longtime friend Chuck Matney and today their business, The Little Flower Shop at the Westwood Hills Shops, is in full bloom. Enter through one front door of the cozy shop, and you’ll see floral designers at work fashioning everything from single stems or a $25 grab-and-go bouquet to large, lush fresh-from-the-garden arrangements. Enter through another door into the recently expanded gift shop space, and you’ll find an eclectic assortment of items hand-picked by Brett and Matney.

Although the recent expansion has tripled her business’ square footage, Brett takes pride in the small, local aesthetic of the neighborhood as well as the old-fashioned experience she and Matney can provide there.

“We have the kind of store where people come over and over again for the really good customer service where we know you, we offer free gift wrapping and delivery, and we present things really nicely and with care,” Brett says.

Before Brett and Matney became business partners, Brett was a customer of Matney’s longtime business, Matney Floral in Fairway, Kansas. They got to know each other well in 1999 while planning events surrounding Leslie’s husband George Brett’s induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Matney closed his shop in 2012, and he partnered with Brett as head floral designer in 2014.

“Chuck (Matney) really has a garden aesthetic,” Brett says. “He wants flowers to look like flowers. We don’t use fillers. It’s the combination of flowers that make his arrangements so lovely.”

Brett says it’s always best to buy what’s in season, both with food and flowers. For summer seasonals, she loves sunflowers, zinnias and dahlias.

As Brett’s floral business has picked up, she credits her husband as the shop’s biggest cheerleader.

“George did his thing all those years, and he’s been incredibly supportive of this business venture,” Brett says. “He’s the kind of person who says if you’re going to do something, do it 100 percent and do it right.”