Letter From The Creative Director 9

With June being our men’s issue, coinciding with Father’s Day, I wanted to pay tribute to a phenomenal man in my life: my dad. My father is a man of few words, but when he speaks, people want to listen because he is full of wisdom and love. He listens to understand first and doesn’t always have to be understood. He is a natural peacemaker, and his humility is second to none. His incredibly humble and understanding nature is my favorite thing about him and constantly makes me so proud of the man he is. He seeks to understand difficult people and can find the good in absolutely anyone.

My dad is a natural giver and will step up to help whenever there is a need and always acts like it isn’t a big deal at all. The need for credit for accomplishments or generous gestures does not exist with him, and he often gives in secret. He is so laid-back and positive, and his low-key, patient personality has always made me feel so secure. I don’t think I have ever seen him stressed in my life, and that says a lot for someone who raised 10 kids.

Growing up my dad was always so much fun, and was known to go to great lengths to make up extravagant games, scavenger hunts and treasure maps for us to explore. He took an interest in any activity we were involved in and coached all of us in multiple sports. He was always present, always supportive and always ready to listen, even in our frustrating stages. I am barely scratching the surface about the man he is, but his influence in my life and the lives of my entire family will have an impact for generations to come. His character has made a lasting impression on all of us and is something we all strive to emulate.

Thanks to all the men in our community that make a positive impact, big or small, on those around you. While you may not realize it in the moment, your contributions make a big difference.

I hope you enjoy this issue. We had fun putting this edition together!