Letter from the Creative Director 6

This month we are featuring beautiful homes in the area that reflect different styles of design. Whether it be modern, contemporary, farmhouse, vintage or traditional, interior design is multifaceted and can change the feel and mood of a space. The clean, sleek lines of modern feels fresh and professional, whereas a vintage or farmhouse style gives a feeling of warmth, character and history.

If you are anything like me, you may enjoy and appreciate several different styles of design. I tend to gravitate toward farmhouse, but I also love pops of modern and industrial. I have a slight obsession with redecorating and love to find ways to reinvent a space.  Sometimes it’s as easy as changing out the colors in a room and other times it’s a complete overhaul. Thankfully, my patient husband usually plays along with the remodeling projects I get myself into at home.  I am a DIYer by nature and love to rehab homes and repurpose furniture. Having a dad as a contractor is great because he taught all of us how to do some light remodeling, so it is in my blood. My husband and I used to flip homes, and It was so fun to walk into a house and dream about how we wanted to transform the space into something new. It’s amazing what new paint, fresh finishes and knocking down a wall or two can do for your space. Now that I have four children, those days of flipping homes are behind me, but I still love looking through magazines of beautiful interior design to get inspiration for a possible future project.

I loved so many of the ideas in the homes we featured this month. I hope you enjoy looking at the art of their design and maybe you will walk away with a new idea or two.