Kansas City's Porter Teleo Has High Design Covered 1

Hand-painted, color-driven art free from the boundary of a canvas edge—this is Porter Teleo, a wallcovering line crafted in Kansas City and displayed in luxe locations worldwide.

The wallcoverings unbound by scale are also free from geographic constraint. Porter Teleo can be found in high-end designers’ offices and showrooms from New York to LA. Designs are frequently featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful and Architectural Digest and in notable locations such as Gwen Stefani’s personal home, interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s office and the New York Palace Hotel.

“It’s such a gift to be able to take something from a grain of inspiration all the way through development and then see it inspiring other creative people as they use it to bring their own visions to life in projects,” says KC-native interior designer Bridgett Cochran, who came together with artist and friend Kelly Porter to form Porter Teleo.

Porter is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and the State University of New York whose large abstract paintings and works on paper have been on display in galleries and through dealers throughout the country for 20 years.

“The idea that wallcovering itself can be just as handmade and unique as the large, abstract paintings I create really appeals to me artistically,” Porter says. 

“In our Palace Hotel installations, our abstract painting is seen and enjoyed by thousands of people every day because of the location.”

Despite their rise in popularity, Porter and Cochran continue to be highly involved in the creative process and in creating each original pattern. They finalize all design and palette details in advance and then employ a team of highly skilled artists to create yard-by-yard of wallcoverings and fabrics using the most beautiful papers, fabrics and richest hand-mixed pigments available. Much of their line is based on abstract expressionist art, nature and the age-old art of Japanese woodblock printing.

“I think that Kelly [Porter] and I share an interest in the beauty of imperfection and an awareness of the space where art and design meet,” Cochran says. “Our process is very collaborative and based on a strong level of trust for one another’s aesthetic judgment.”

As their designs disseminate throughout the world, the entrepreneurs value their ability to contribute to the arts in Kansas City.

“I think that it’s so imperative to keep a well-rounded artistic environment in every city,” Porter says. “And businesses who build strong culture and creativity in our city are so vital.”