Inside the Home of a Designer 11

Reagan and Joel Lehmann

My husband knew when I was repainting the living room of our previous home for the fourth time in four years that I needed a new challenge. He stumbled on this home, and one month later I had a new, very large project. As this is our fifth home, experience has taught us to bite the bullet and get the large projects done immediately so we can enjoy the space and fine-tune the details as we get a feel for the end result we want to achieve.

Although the previous owners had meticulously maintained the home, it hadn’t been updated since it was built 30 years ago. We are DIY people, so our first project started with a jackhammer and removing floor tile. We then moved onto removing all of the carpet in the home and replacing it with hardwood flooring. Countless hours were spent removing wallpaper in most of the rooms, updating and adding lighting to each room and updating the kitchen. Each project we tackled was focused on updating the space while maintaining the charm of the home that attracted us to it.

As I started filling each room with furniture and artwork, it amazed me that this home just swallowed the furniture from our previous homes. The unique dimensions of each room forced me to focus very closely on scale and proportion. The main furniture pieces I selected from Restoration Hardware. My husband and I have collected furniture for the past 20 years from estate sales and auctions to find unique pieces that give our home a warm and inviting feel.

The main lamps in our great room were found at an estate sale of the previous owners of the old Muhlbach Hotel downtown. They were actually in the hotel lobby for many years. Our kitchen table was the foyer table of the pre-renovated Marriott on the Plaza. The chandelier and sconces in the dining room came from an old home in Quality Hill that was renovated into commercial space.

The art collection in our home comes from our travels. Not only are they pieces that we love, but they have special meaning and memories attached to each one. Over time, I have filled my home with items that we love. It has allowed me to purge all filler pieces and live in a space that feels truly authentic.

We have many years of projects ahead of us to create our final vision, and doing them together is what we love to do.