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Leawood Duo Creates App for Kids

Rain Boot Media creates interactive storybook apps for kids. Their mission is to inspire creativity and push technology to its limits on digital platforms while combining fine art, original stories and innovative games that are not only educational and wholesome, but also fun. They believe that when it’s raining and pouring, a child’s mind is never boring.

Rebecca Pashia is the Founder and CEO of Rain Boot Media, which is locally based in Leawood. Pashia is a professional artist by day and a writer by night. She has written stories for all ages throughout her life and is known for her ARTichokes business, which brings creative activities and fine art to the local community. Her passion is to inspire creativity in people through different mediums with a fresh approach.

“I love to use both visual and fine arts every single day.“

When a friend of mine said that she was giving her toddler an iPad Mini for Christmas last year, I beamed,” Pashia says. “I had been waiting for kids, parents and teachers to embrace technology so I could develop my ideas for children and make ‘interactive’ picture books.”

In June 2016, Pashia pitched the idea to her friend, Tim Kelley, who saw the potential and convinced her to start a company. Kelly joined Pashia to launch Rain Boot Media as the CFO.

Pashia then reached out to her friend, Noelle Stoffel, who showed paintings at ARTichokes in Mission Farms. After hearing about the book apps Pashia wanted to create, Stoffel jumped at the chance to join the team as their first illustrator.

“We will both always paint for galleries and clients, but creating for kids feels really good. The world needs wholesome, fun products for kids that make them think and problem-solve,” Pashia says.

Rain Boot Media’s first two apps are already on the market. One Present, Please? is a festive book app for kids who can’t wait for Christmas. This original story written by Pashia and illustrated by Stoffel entertains your children while you prepare for the holidays by promoting the spirit of giving. Read with the author and play seven custom games that provide opportunities for critical thinking. For even more fun, their second app Pass A Present allows you to create personalized presents to send via text.  Take a picture, record a voice message and wrap up your present to send to your loved ones.

Their new app Ladybug Band will be released on February 6th. Written by Pashia, illustrated by Stoffel and with music by Pashia’s son, Mason, this interactive storybook is perfect for parents and grandparents to read with their preschoolers ages two to five.

Pashia wrote the story when she was 21 years old.  
”I had wanted to buy a creative lullaby cassette tape for a friend having a baby and couldn’t believe the products on the market were all just remakes of old songs,” Pashia says. “I wanted something that would stimulate imaginations, so I made my own lullaby tape, and ‘Ladybug Band’ was the favorite.”

It was such a hit that Mason listened to the tape every single night as a baby, which most likely gave the 22-year-old Nashville musician and songwriter inspiration to write music for the app.

The illustrations are rich in color and texture. Pashia painted palette knife backgrounds for the pages while Stoffel created the content in a two-dimensional style.  The book app rhymes and includes items kids can touch, trace and shake on each page. At the end, play the hit song written and produced by Mason, “Coconut Jamboree.” Kids can become a bug, play an instrument and record their own performance so everyone can be a musician.

Rain Boot Media is currently a home-based business seeking to expand their Kansas City team in the near future to bring their stories to life on electronic devices. Pashia says she has content for three solid years of creative book app production and plans on launching four book apps each year.

For more information, visit their website at RainBootMedia.com.  All apps are available for download in the app store.