Tips from Trainer 
Angie Thomson

What are the main areas to focus on when we are trying to stay in shape or get into better shape?

Meal planning, and LOTS and LOTS of water

-Workout program design

-Workout schedule – when to fit it in?

How do I begin, if I want to start 
meal planning?

The best way to start meal planning, is to first ask yourself what foods your body responds well to and doesn’t respond well to. I’m talking allergies, intolerances, digestive issues, inflammatory foods, etc…I’m all about eating CLEAN, whole foods, so I like to make sure that my client’s meals and snacks are derived of foods that are going to be good for them. Each individual is  different, so if you have specific concerns, definitely hire a Dietician or Nutritionist to help you.

if I have narrowed down a few foods to avoid, and have my list of foods that I love and will eat, then what?

Then you need to design a plan that is within your calorie limit and that combines a good ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If you hate fish and kale, then don’t put that in the plan! You won’t eat it! Try to find other foods that have those same benefits, but that you will actually follow through with. PREP-PREP-PREP! This is KEY! Prepare your meals and snacks that you are going to make for the week, and have them all ready to go in the fridge or freezer.

So, I have my meal planning under wrap, now what about having to fit a workout in every day?

Here’s where it gets fun! Workouts can be in so many different forms, that it’s exciting to find what you enjoy! You don’t need to do something every day of the week. Rest, recovery and sleep are big factors in reaching your fitness goals. It really is beneficial to meet with a personal trainer. Tell them your medical history, what you enjoy doing, your fitness goals, and where you plan on doing your workouts. They can help you set a program, telling you what to do each day of the week, along with making appointments to do those. Some of those appointments may be on your own, and some may be with your trainer. My clients prefer doing their “homework” programs I have designed for them, on their own, and then meet with me 1-2 times a week. This accountability factor is huge in making sure you stay on track, and just in case, you get a bit off and need some redirection.

All in all, if you believe that you are worth living a quality life full of health and joy, then YOU CAN DO THIS! Don’t get discouraged if you have an off day. Start fresh tomorrow. If your circumstances change, that doesn’t mean your goal of being your best has to.

Angie, a personal trainer, owns thomspn team training, is married to her love, Drew, and has 4 amazing children. To contact Angie, visit