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Weight Loss Success Stories

January is my favorite time of year for health & fitness.  This is the time of year that I most commonly get to work with clients that are fresh, raw & usually extremely nervous.  These are people that have unwillingly found themselves in a place where they are simply unhealthy, out of shape & overweight.  They are apprehensive, intimidated & not feeling their best, but they want to make a change so badly they are willing to take a step in that direction and ask for help.

This was me 7 years ago.  I wasn’t sure how I had lost track of my own health in the process of creating a happy life, but I knew I needed to get control of it in order to give my best to my kids, family, friends and job.  I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to enter a training program with my friend that was opening a fitness studio.  We had great success (I lost 60 lbs) and I am forever appreciative.  7 years later, I still work out with her & have been able to help hundreds of others do the same.  Regardless of how you do it, get moving & fuel your body with whole, healthy foods.  Everything is better when you improve your health.

  1. Set a realistic goal.  1-2lbs a week is healthy weight loss
  2. Eat only whole, healthy foods. Skip the processed, fake & excess calories.
  3. Prep meals: cut up veggies, hard boil eggs, grill chicken breast, wash fruit & berries
  4. Make a workout calendar.  Schedule 3-5 times a week to break a sweat
& write what you plan to do.  If you are just starting out, find some beginner videos on YouTube, walk, elliptical, etc.  Take direction on form and be smart.   If you more active, then challenge yourself to something new.  Find a fitness studio or class that challenges you & elevates your heart-rate while building strength.
  5. Find group support.  Create a group text or Facebook group with friends that have similar goals.  Be the friend that keeps everyone else on track, not the opposite.  Finding accountability other than yourself will increase your success.
  6. Log your food intake the first week.  Be aware of what you are putting in your mouth & how many calories you eat on a daily basis.  In order to burn fat, it is necessary to be in a calorie deficit.  You simply cannot expect to out exercise a bad diet.
  7. Drink tons of water, always.
  8. Never eat below 1200-1500 calories, especially if you are active.  Your body needs fuel.  Make the right choices on what that fuel is and do not starve yourself.  Not only is it unhealthy, it is also counterproductive to weight loss & will damage your metabolism.  Eat small healthy “meals” throughout the day.
  9. Be positive and enjoy the journey.  The fact you have the desire & will to get healthier is your starting point.  Don’t put it off.  Small daily changes add up and become big long term results.  Be realistic, and don’t get down.

“The best time to plan a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

Shawna Wright

Weight Loss Success Stories:

Kelly-age 39

“I’ve struggled with my weight off and on for majority of my life. After having 3 babies in 3 years, I was ready to get healthy and make a lifestyle change, so I could have energy to play with my kids and feel better about myself.”

Total Loss: 78 pounds  Total Inches Lost: 41

How did you get started?

One day I was shopping for jeans & couldn’t believe what size I was in.  Instead of buying new jeans, I made the decision to invest in myself & make a change.  I joined Weight Watchers and committed to myself and the long journey ahead.

Do you exercise?

Yes, not as often as I’d like, but I try to at least 3 days/week. I will either go for a walk/jog or get on the elliptical and do weights.

What advice do you have for others ready to improve their own heath?

Find the foods and drinks that trigger poor eating choices and avoid them if at all possible to stay on track.  Drink a TON of water and track every Bite, Lick, and Taste to keep you accountable to what you eat.

What are you most proud of? 

My dedication and determination to meet and exceed my goal.  Also, that I’ve inspired others to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Angel- age 42

I was relatively thin my entire life and suddenly “woke up” one day to find myself over weight and miserable. I wasn’t even sure how I let it happen.”

Lost-35 lbs and went from a 10/12 dress size to a 2/4.

Do you remember the moment you decided to make a change? 

I had two of my children in my late 30’s. The weight didn’t fall off like it had in my teens and early 20’s. One day I realized there were no pictures of me with my two little ones. I never wanted to have my picture taken. I suddenly had this fear that if something happened to me, they wouldn’t even have a picture of me or of all of us together.
How did you get started? 

I had finally had enough. I signed up for Weight Loss Boot Camp at Fusion. One day at a time. One class at a time. I threw out everything I thought I knew about diet and exercise. No pills, no insane diet that you can never sustain. Just hard work and persistence.
What have you accomplished? 

Losing the weight has been wonderful, but I also lost my fear of the camera, fear of running into someone I knew in public. I’ve found that I’m capable of pushing myself much farther than I ever thought possible. When I look at that before picture, I’m sad for that woman. I don’t even recognize her. The only memory I have of her is just feeling awful and uncomfortable. There are days you have to dig deep to crawl out of bed at 4:30 am, still sore from yesterday’s workout.
What is your favorite quick meal?

Honestly, every meal is quick for me. I’ve just adjusted my focus on food. It doesn’t have to be amazing. Frankly it’s almost easier to control my intake if it’s NOT amazing. It’s fuel.

Tips for others that want to find their own health:

There really are no excuses. Not age, number of children, schedule, not even your sore knee or shoulder.  I tried all of those excuses, believe me. It just made me more miserable. In the fitness classes I attend, I am surrounded with people who have far more viable “excuses” than I do, and yet there are there giving it EVERYTHING they’ve got. You are worth the time and effort. You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud that I’ve found my way back to myself.  I feel strong and healthy mentally and physically, which has a waterfall effect on the rest of my life. I’m comfortable in my own skin.