A New Life For An Old Home 1

Arlene Ladegaard, an award-winning interior designer and her design team at Design Connection, Inc. brought this 1970s-Overland Park home up to date with an open floor plan and transitional furnishings that capitalized the existing features of the home such as large windows and the beautiful scenery of 
the backyard.

 “The client told us, ‘Just do it, I trust you,’” said Arlene. “That makes such a difference in the result. My team and I were able to implement everything from the biggest decision to the smallest detail – from the initial plan to the last accessory in place.” Often times, homeowners who attempt to get remodeling projects on their own get bogged down, frustrated, and overwhelmed, and “it’s important to hire someone you trust who can see the whole vision,” Arlene added.

Although the client had lost his wife, he wanted to stay in his home. “It was a beautiful space on five acres, but his house was outdated with a typical 70’s style. He had always wanted to remove the interior wall and open up the space, but he quickly realized he needed help.

 Arlene carefully balanced the client’s active lifestyle and his needs, while bearing in mind that this was the house that he would call his forever home. Furniture, window treatments and accessories were chosen with sleek lines in classic silhouettes in of gray and navy. A load-bearing wall that once divided the kitchen and the great room was removed to allow the main floor to flow seamlessly and the new kitchen transitioned well with all the new furnishings.

The aging in place trend is expected to grow in the next decade according to housing industry experts, as more baby boomers choose to stay in home rather than selling. The trend appeals to the homeowners who love the location of their homes, the extra bedrooms for the grandchildren and all the memories they made in the house.

You may reach Arlene Ladegaard principal designer of Design Connection, Inc. at 913 851-8776 or online designconnectioninc.com.