Personalized Throw Pillows 10

DIY by Angi Hockett


All the rage in pillows these days seems to be trendy typography and personalization.  Whether it be Pottery Barn, Anthropology or Crate & Barrel, everyone is selling these for a pretty penny.  Often I find pillows with a quote I like however not a font that matches my style.  I was determined these pillows could be custom designed with my trusty Sharpie Marker!  With just a few supplies this DIY quote pillow was no fuss and quite fast.


Supplies needed:

-Pillow of your choice.  Anything with a tight weave and smooth.  Cotton, linen, burlap, and canvas are always good.

-Printer paper to print your letters, numbers, and shapes from a home office printer.


-Black Sharpie Marker


1. Choose your quote, font and size and print them from your home printer.  There are quotes for throw pillows that will fit any room of your home.  The Mr. & Mrs. are very popular for gift ideas, as well as monograms.  Or maybe you need personality added to your baby/toddler room, bedroom, or den.


2. Cut out your typography and center it on your pillow.  I use a small piece of tape to hold the letters in place.  You can also use sewing pins.


3. Use a black Sharpie Marker to outline the shapes.  Hold the paper down as you trace around to avoid any puckers.


4. Remove the paper and start filling in the traced lines.  Once finished you can go back over the colored in areas with circular marker motions to help break up the straight marker lines.

Sharpie Markers are ideal for this project.  I love how we can use them in a pinch and there is no patience required.  They don’t have the mess, residue or dry time of fabric paint.

These pillows are a quick way to give any room a mini personality POP! Get creative with the messages, words, names or quotes you choose for your pillows.  Be proud of your new pillow, it’s a one of a kind.