Meet the Maker: Sara Preu 16

Wild Wash Soap Co. & Wildcraft Co.

Sarah Preu is a creative wanderer and feels drawn to nature and its role in helping us transform ourselves out of a digital existence and into visceral experience. Her soap making and other plant based products are meant to invite the earth into our daily rituals. Wildcrafting is the ritual of wandering into nature to sustainably forage and gather gifts from the earth.

Wild Wash is the culmination of Sarah’s lifetime clean beauty obsession. From rose petal face steams gathered from the garden with her mom as a child to creating a salve for her son’s chronic eczema as an effective alternative to harsh steroid creams — She’s always believed in the power of plants. True handmade soap, not detergent based bars like we see in commercial spaces, without fragrance oils or cosmetic colorants, is one of the simplest ways we can treat our bodies (and the earth!) well. Our skin is our largest organ and what you put on it matters.

Their soaps are Palm-free and vegan which reflects our sustainability values. Recently sustainably farmed palm oil has become more widely available, but they’ve found that it’s simply not a necessary ingredient in creating a lush, moisturizing bar. Their bar is a super fatted bar and doesn’t contain any artificial hardeners and cure for 40 days to get the PH into a range they like. No rushing.

Wild Wash Soap products can be found around KC at: Urban Provisions, Birdie’s, West Elm-Plaza, Normal Human, Season & Square, Unbakery, Made in KC, and Hand + Land.