Meet the Maker: Chad Hickman 17

Sandlot Goods

Chad Hickman grew up right here in the Heartland, in Olathe to be exact.  As a kid, he dreamed of Royals baseball and one day hitting the ball over the wall in the bottom of the ninth to win the World Series.  Baseball was one of his greatest passions.  That is why he, like so many other kids growing up in America, and even around the world, found himself on summer days walking to the park with his buddies with his ball, his bat, and his glove, to not only play baseball, but to dream of baseball.

Chad accepts the fact that he probably wont get called up to the big leagues in order to get his chance of hitting that game winning homer, but that hasn’t stopped him from keeping baseball at the heart of what he does.  As the owner of Sandlot Goods, in the Crossroads District at 504 E. 18th St., you can see baseball’s influence in everything they make and sell.

Once a photographer, Chad was a co-owner of a local studio that had renovated their building to sub-lease office space to other local artisans.  Over time he knew his career was headed in a different direction and he had built such a great bond with those around him, they began to brainstorm on some new ideas.  From those conversations their new business venture was born.

Sandlot Goods has a passion for all things Americana, and that is seen in the unique, baseball style stitching in all of their leather goods.  From handbags to wallets, journal covers to women’s purses, the unique stitching is seldom seen anywhere else and is a reminder of the nostalgia that is known as our country’s favorite pastime, baseball.

The leather used in all of their products comes from Horween Leather and is some of the finest in the world.  Horween is based in Illinois and is the same company that provides the leather not only for many gloves used in Major League Baseball, but also for the balls used in the National Football League.

What started out as just a hobby has now turned into something very exciting, with three full-time employees and opportunities to not only expand their product line but also their market.  With the exception of their t-shirts, the team at Sandlot designs and manufactures all of their products.  You can pay them a visit at their Crossroads location, or you can also find their products at many stores around the metro area.  Made In KC, Westside Story, Normal Human, The General Store, and Hounds Tooth are a few of the local stores that carry Sandlot’s product line.  You can also visit their website at to see a complete list of products they make and sell.  If you are looking for great, locally made leather products, that are both unique and dependable, then let the passion, creativity, and commitment to excellence lead you to Sandlot Goods.