Loving People, Loving Pets 1

State Line Animal Hospital

In describing the services provided at 2009 W. 104th Street in Leawood, Kansas one would get the impression that he or she are visiting an upscale spa. Some of these services include therapeutic massage, chiropractic treatment, healing acupuncture, dental attention and an overall holistic approach to care.  The truly remarkable thing is that these features are just a few of the comforts provided at State Line Animal Hospital. Animals that are privy to this hospital can look forward to an environment that provides them with more of a relaxing, stress-relieving experience than a scary, paw-cringing visit that leaves them howling for release. The hospital operates under the purpose statement, loving on people by loving on their pets through high quality veterinary care, and one of the hospital’s passionate owners, Dr. Sally Barchman, has made it her mission to ensure that this is exactly the case when patrons visit State Line.

Not everybody knows their life’s calling at the age of fourteen, but for Dr. Barchman it was at this age that she began working towards her dream of becoming a veterinarian. By fifteen she was working in her local vet clinic and developing a true sense of animal care. In 2006 she earned her degree in veterinary medicine from Iowa State University, and after years gaining valuable occupational experiences, she found her way to the Kansas City area and eventually State Line Animal Hospital.  It was through these connections that Dr. Barchman’s vision became more defined, and the driving force behind her practice came to fruition. Based on life events cultivated from her relationship with the late Dr. Cheri Jones, who was diabetic since a young age, and who worked at State Line for 20 years, Dr. Barchman has committed to alleviating the pain of diabetes and other debilitating diseases that plague the pets she sees. This drive has also lead to the non-profit organization, Cheri’s Hope, which is dedicated to finding the cure for diabetes in animals.

Besides its unique, aggregate approach to animal care, State Line has provided the Standard of Veterinary Excellence (AAHA) for over forty years. On any given day you could expect to see a variety of goings on including doctors providing warm blankets to alleviate an anxious cat, jovial canines welcoming fellow participants to the doggy daycare, or micro-chipped strays being reconnected to their families. This personal approach to veterinary care also guarantees that pets will be provided with the most comprehensive attention ranging from surgeries, dental and medical therapies, digital radiology, ultrasounds and endoscopies. This hospital treats the whole animal, taking into complete consideration the mental, social and physical factors of each patient it treats. Incorporating Western, Eastern, and alternative therapy options, Dr. Barchman includes acupuncture, herbal therapy, food therapy, and Chinese massage called Tui Na.  With services that resemble amenities rather than healthcare, any owner can be assured that his or her pet is going to be treated like family and lifelong friends.

State Line Animal Hospital plans to continue to provide high quality treatment choices with whole body care. They thrive to deliver both preventative and disease medicine approaches using integrative therapies in which animals and owners are left with a sense of relieve and that the most universal care has been provided for them in the most personal of experiences. Learn more about Dr. Barchman, Dr. Otte, and Dr. Abby Faerber at www.statelineah.com.