Pre-Holiday Health & Fitness Challenge

Utilize this fall to get ahead of your health & feel great BEFORE the holiday season.  How many days away is Thanksgiving?  Check your calendar & commit to making the most of each week.  I feel better when I eat right & exercise regularly.  I also feel better when I comfortably fit into all of my favorite jeans & dresses.  Join me in this challenge to BE OUR BEST BY 2017


Choose whole, healthy foods.  Avoid processed food.  If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, stay clear.

Plan meals in advance.  Shop the perimeter of the store & stick to produce, meats, fish & seafood.  Take the time to prep food.  Cut up veggies.  Hard boil eggs.  Grill chicken & other lean meats.  Make meals in advance & have them portioned & ready.

All calories are not created equal.  Stick to good fats & proteins such as nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs, salmon, olive & coconut oil.  Compare how you feel if you eat 300 calories of eggs with avocados VS one 300 calorie donut.  Food is your fuel.  Choose wisely.

Do your best to skip SUGAR, in all of its forms.  Sugar has ZERO health benefit.  It is addictive.  It increases cravings & has been linked to numerous health issues….and excess belly fat.

50 pushups & 50 squats a day, any style, spread them out or do them all at once.  Notice your increased strength each week.  Be proud.

Make time for 20+ minutes of cardio, 5+ times a week.  Doing SOMETHING is always better than doing NOTHING.  Just move!!…and when you are able, challenge yourself to do more.  Check your resting heart rate today & check it again after 30 days of increased activity.  According to the American Heart Association “Active people have lower heart rates because the heart muscle is in better condition and doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain a steady beat.”  The heart is a pretty important muscle to condition.

Find a buddy to keep you motivated.  Get excited about feeling good.  You will not regret it.