Local film-maker showcases KC on the big screen 1

Sandra Martin & Isaac Alongi

In their first feature film, Trust Fund, co-producers and husband and wife team, Sandra Martin and Isaac Alongi, felt passionate about filming most of the movie right here in KC. Sandra, a Lee’s Summit native, and Isaac, who grew up in Prairie Village, both believed that KC was perfect for showcasing their first film.  In the movie, Kansas City successfully doubles as Chicago and Italy, and, although some areal shots were filmed in Italy, the majority of the movie was filmed in various locations right here. Trust Fund was such a success that it was picked up by AMC Independent and premiered in Kansas City, with a successful run, which they credit to the support of the city.

This visually stunning film led by an incredible cast, takes you on a visionary experience. It explores issues of betrayal, feeling alone, and left with the choice of surrendering your identity to please someone else, or break free to discover who you were truly meant to be.

The couple has been working together for over 15 years, and each have talents that compliment each other. Isaac was the director of photography, while Sandra wrote and directed the film, and they both shared the duties of producing. “It’s not often a husband and wife work so closely together as director and cinematographer, but it worked out really well for us, because we were already on the same page. There were times when things got stressful and intense, so it was nice to be there for each other,” says Alongi.

They are working on their next film, HOW TO PICK YOUR SECOND HUSBAND FIRST. “It’s a romantic comedy that pokes fun about delicate issues every one faces in marriage and no one wants to talk about. The film shows how difficult marriage can be at times, and how we live in a culture of giving up and starting over, which is not always the best answer. Faced with the possibility that the problem, that you assume is the other person, just might follow you to the next relationship,” said Sandra.

Filmmaking is a relatively new endeavor for the couple, but they feel very passionate about what they are doing, and they love working together. “It’s like a hobby to us,” Martin adds, “because we love it!”

“We want to make films that are entertaining, that you can take your whole family to, and not worry that they’ll be awkward moments where you regret bringing the kids to. We want to create movies that give plenty of opportunity for discussion later, that raise questions and don’t give all the answers. Films that are based on subject matters that are common, but not always talked about,” Sandra says.

Today more than ever, our world has become reachable, and movies are such an important medium to do that. Movies are invitations to live with people whose lives you may never even have imagined, to be faced with their choices and enter into unimagined worlds. Films help shape the culture in which we live, and they see it as a huge responsibility and great opportunity.

“Our core beliefs are seen in the stories that we choose to tell, and everything that we do. Knowing that we have the opportunity to influence a generation is exciting. We want to show an audience how hope, love, and our faith in God makes a difference,” Sandra said.

For more about the film Trust Fund and the cast visit trustfundmovie.com.