Letter from the Creative Director 1

Craft beer has deep roots that go back centuries in time, and its increasing popularity is being called a ‘beer revolution’ by many. Recipes are created and refined by master brewers until they are perfect, and consumers are preferring a wide variety of flavorful, quality ingredients. There are so many variations of grains, hops, malt and process that it literally has infinite possibilities, and brew masters are able to devote attention and creativity to produce artisan quality beer.

Local breweries combine tradition with fun new twists that entertain our palates. Their unique, local talents are further amplified through witty names and beautiful custom artwork.There are more styles and options available, and the innovation by craft brewers have exploded with choices such as wild and sour beers, chocolate stouts, seasonal flavors, coffee IPA’s, and the list goes on.

Kansas City has no shortage of craft breweries, and the charm and creative style of each brew master gives us an array of local choices.  When you pick-up a glass pulled from your local brewery, you are literally drinking art that is founded on tradition and time. We picked a few local breweries to highlight this month for our craft beer issue, but there are several other great ones here in KC worth visiting as well, so go out and try something new!